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Join the Cult of The Nerdist

Sure, blogs are fun and all and comment threads provide SOME interaction…but how is The Nerdist movement going to take off without a place to share ideas and congregate? A digital clubhouse where ALL are welcome (no jocks)? Well today is the day when your life just changed. I have started a Facebook group entitled simply, “Nerdists.” Ideas are our currency! Unbridled nerdiness is our God! Go. Be one of us. Spread the word!  Without our ranks, society is nothing but Katy Perry and “One Tree Hill”!!! Multiply by recruitment or consenting impregnation. What are you waiting for? Another You Got Served movie to burn your eyes with douche juice??? DO IT NOW. (All members receive free guava scented foot lotion and salt & vinegar chips (while supplies last))

FACEBOOK: It’s not just for high school students and serial killers who collect faces anymore!

And again, THE ALMIGHTY NERDISTS LINK: the last group you’ll ever need to join.

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  1. mackie says:

    damnit my new email address doesn’t do the same photo and i lied

  2. mackie says:

    i joined and i didn’t get the shit beet out of me

  3. I am not going to go on record as defending that Katy Perry crap, but it’s a fun record and I have actually listened to it a few times. That being said, it’s also bubble gum crap which has little to no meaning. She’s a copy-cat cute girl who pretends to be naughty in her songs. If you are going to analyze Katy Perry, you clearly have too much time on your hands. Her brain cell count is closer to the numbers of times the average nerd has gotten laid, so let’s just let the girl have some fun.

    It is a pretty crappy record actually, when I say I have listened to it a few times, it was out of my control. It’s played at least five times a week, by my 3 year old daughter, who currently knows more about iTunes than most of my friends. I clearly shouldn’t have let my wife buy the album online through iTunes, so it’s really my fault I am growing to think “Hey, this isn’t that bad” but it really is…

    (I too am outside of her demographic, but clearly my 3 year old is perfectly fine with that, because she likes the album just fine) GO KATY!

    Michael LaMere (The Fish)

  4. Jeffrey says:

    What’s wrong with Katy Perry?

  5. One of us…one of us…

  6. mackie says:

    But my enemies will beat the shit out of me if I join.

  7. you should make a group on myspace too cause i dont have a facebook.

  8. The minute I saw the link on Facebook, I JOINED! Just like that, I screamed, I JOINED. It was really inappropriate, but I felt it was necessary.

    I’m waiting by my mailbox for my foot lotion and potato chips!

  9. celo820 says:

    This will be the best group I ever joined on facebook.

  10. Charlie says:

    aww yea member 450

  11. Chris Hardwick says:

    PG: I’d like to pretend it was intentional, but in reality just a late-night screw-up. Fixed!

  12. PG says:

    Infamous “double http” in link to the facebook group!
    (Or was that on purpose to weed out the jocks? very clever…)

  13. RadNerd says:

    I’m sold! Was Shamwow mic equipped during this pitch?

  14. I think I might have inadvertently joined up before it was cool. I joined your facebook around noon yesterday, so I was ahead of the game at that point. Thanks for the invite into the nerd family. I am happy to have joined. Trust me this is the only thing I have done premature lately. At least that I will admit to.

    I stopped collecting faces in the early 90’s so I should be clear at this point. I went through a program of pills and injections and I feel much better now. Thank the gods, I was running out of freezer space.


  15. Lisa G says:

    Nerd is the new jock.