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John K’s Simpsons Couch Gag

Did you watch The Simpsons on Sunday night? Did you see that bizarre yet arrestingly cool off-model couch gag animation? No? Well, here:


Yes, John Kricfalusi, Ren and Stimpy creator and Chris Hardwick influence, got to deliver his own take on Springfield’s First Family. And if you want to find out more, John K gave an interview to Amid Amidi at Cartoon Brew, where there’s also a selection of artwork, sketches, model sheets, and videos — including an animatic and some rough animation. If you’re a John K fan, and if you read Nerdist you probably are, you really should go read it.

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  1. ThatGuy says:

    “This video is private.”

  2. Symmewise says:

    The official Youtube clip is missing an audio track. Homer speaking, whoopie cushion, bart laughing/choking, etc. Awesome bit though!

  3. MelloMelli says:

    Loved Ren and Stimpy and this opening was BRILLANT

  4. Preston Blair says:

    John K has said repeatedly on his blog that he doesn’t think very highly of the Simpsons’ animation style or writing.

    I think he took this as a chance to show his artsy fartsy “old school-esque” animation style and make a shallow dig at the low brow themes of the Simpsons (the drunk Homer pouring beer in his head, etc…).

    I loved Red and Stimpy as a kid, but man, John K kinda seems like a dick. lol

  5. That was wonderful! LOVE John K. I’m pretty sure there’s some animosity between them, but I wish he and Billy West would do something together again.

  6. David says:

    Happy Happy Joy Joy

  7. SweetCheeks says:

    The sadness of it all is that most of us grew up with Ren and Stimpy as our Sat/Sun cartoon… I cant believe I complain about the cartoons my 10yr old watches on CN…

  8. Andy Kolvek says:

    I can hardly contain myself!!!

  9. Tedero says:


  10. Fearnow says:

    Oh my stinky stinky goodness!

  11. Jesse Lee Holt says:

    That was disturbing. lol