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Jim Gaffigan Poster Challenge on The Node: THE RESULTS

Congratulations to SAM HO!!!!

Sam is now $500 richer and the proud owner of tickets to the Jim Gaffigan show of his choosing!

This output of this nerdsourcing challenge on The Node was MINDBLOWING. Jim asked me to express how moved and speechless he and his wife Jeannie were by the talent and effort that was displayed here. The Node was created to pull gifted nerds together and the support and camaraderie in the threads (well, except for one dude) shows me that we have succeeded. Truly, thank you so much to all who were involved.

I made a slideshow of all the entries:

Or you can just check out the Flickr page for a birdseye view with all of the artist’s names.

If you are a creative-y type and would like to join the private beta of The Node, please go here:

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  1. Congrats! No problem understanding this winner. Thank you everyone for the opportunity to jump in.

  2. rich says:

    Right on @Ryan…agreed on all especially that first one. That is some Grade A, High-Octane illustration right there.

    Pretty impressive output from the Nerdclass.

  3. smartbunny says:

    That is a beautiful job.

  4. Jung says:

    Ryan, Loved all those…thanks for posting them.

  5. Ryan says:

    Congrats! Definitely a fun idea.

    But, I am totally surprised these amazing options didn’t win they deserve to be seen.

    Rad illustration and clean type:

    Amazing take on an overdone concept:

    Hilarious and simple, with a unique concept:

    The most kick ass 8-bit illustration I have seen in a while:

  6. Christine says:

    That’s one great poster right there.

  7. Sarjé says:

    Awesome! This design was definitely at the top of my list! Great concept and execution!

    Congrats to Sam!

  8. Luanne says:

    Whoa, Gaffigan is RIPPED! Who knew?

  9. Randomuse says:

    Even with my own personal bias I think the best one was chosen. It fits with the other posters from the other venues. Now I think Jim should look into getting a custom pinball machine made with this art!

    Great job everyone!!

  10. Mardi says:

    This poster is so amazing. Nice job to Sam and good choice to Jim an Chris!!

  11. Amanda Black says:

    This is amazing. Congratulations Sam!

  12. Corey Carter says:

    I’d be mad that I didn’t win if your entry was so eye meltingly amazing!

  13. Congrats Sam! I loved your poster! I’m very happy for you and very much trying not to spew jealousy all over this board! Way to kick ass dude.

  14. Tony says:

    Good choice. Vastly different from most of the other designs.