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Jim Gaffigan Poster Design Contest! $500 Prize!

Less than a week remains in the Jim Gaffigan “fans design a cool poster for Jim’s NY shows in December” contest (for lack of a simpler, cleverer name).

Just a reminder what’s a stake–>the winning artist will receive:

*$500 CASH MONEY from Jim
*2 tix to any Jim Gaffigan stand-up show
*a meet & greet with the pale man himself

The entries we have received so far are STELLAR. Art can be anything you want to do, conceptually speaking. Jim can be in it in photo or caricature form, or not at all! Just include the following:

*the tour name: “Mr. Universe
the location: NYC
*the dates: Dec 3 &4, Dec 17 & 18
*the venue: Best Buy Theater (formerly Nokia, but don’t worry about changing if you already submitted)
*special guest: Todd Glass
*no references to old tours like “bacon” or “Hot Pockets”

Here are some wonderful examples from past shows:

TO SUBMIT–> Join or sign in to The Node using this link: then post your entries on this thread:

Deadline is Wednesday, November 3rd, 11:59pm PT.

Have fun! No, really, have fun!!!

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  1. Jules says:

    I might be missing it completely, but what are the dimensions? Any bleed? Thanks!!!

  2. smartbunny says:

    Chris, I use the word STELLAR all the time (just now on another post in fact) – get outta my head, man! (naw you can stay in there)

  3. geoff says:

    Other than to be awesome, why is there a lion on a jetski?

    Is this a new comedy bit from Gaffigan?

  4. Deltus says:

    Couple of things that make those other posters truly great.

    First, you got a lion on a jet ski. Not only is that comedy gold right there, it also absolutely reeks of awesomesauce. It’s like somebody combined the power of sharks with lasers on their heads with a monkey in a clown suit on a tricycle.

    Then, you have the Jim Gaffigan as Super Grover thing happening. Now, Super Grover is practically a guaranteed win, but they weren’t content to rest on their haunches. No, they gave Super Gaffigan the power of star-power-wielding crotch manatees! It doesn’t get any better than that.