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Jet Packs 4 Sale! Gitchyer Jet Packs!

A plucky New Zealand manufacturer is about to start selling jet packs to people for $75,000. So far no license is required and they can propel humans up to a mile in the air at 60 mph.

Statisticians expect millionaire playboy deaths to go up 112%.

via GOOD Blog


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  1. CRISTI says:


  2. ChadK says:

    The reason its so big is because its not a jet pack. Its a twin fan 200hp motorcycle engine.

  3. @gs1010 says:

    I agree wit Brian earl. The crotch harness team seems to have left work behind. It’s not supposed to be a $75,000 wedgie machine. . . .right?

  4. jamesmoore80 says:

    I want to see a landing.

  5. junkwes says:

    jet “pack?”

  6. Dan says:

    Except for millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne…that guy’s too much of a pussy to strap one of THOSE to his back.

  7. Artrip says:

    Question; Does it have a built in Ipod dock?

  8. Brian Earl says:

    I think this replaces the porche as the thing you have to buy during you mid-life crisis. unfortunately its a tad more difficult to convince hookers to give you road head.

    You know some hillbilly sees this thing a wonders how drunk he can get while racing them competitively. Chewing tobacco will be the new bird shit on cars.

    and the cock harness on this thing seems a bit much, although buying one of these is like screaming to the world “I have a tiny dick that is barely affected by this cinched-up vinyl attached to a fucking rocket .”

    And how are the super sized sci-fi nerds that this thing appeals to the most going to afford it. unless a few hundred BobaFett impersonators pool their cash to live the dream

  9. AE says:

    so this thing has a 5 gallon tank, goes 30 miles, that’s 6mpg tops…

    my normal commute to work is 17 miles/30-40min for $2.50 worth of gas probably (already have to buy premium)

    with this bad boy it would be 11 miles/11 min for $4.50

    2x a day and that’s a difference of just $4 extra for no traffic, 38-58 min less commute time, and looking super awesome.

    if these are $75k now for the first adopters, in 10 years these will probably be the same price as a cheap car.

    sign me up. in 10 years.

  10. Bizzarojoel says:

    Terry O’Quinn is gonna be pissed!

  11. @RealKev says:

    (Classified ad from the distant future) Used Jetpack for sale – Only jetted a couple of times by a little old lady to get to and from her job at Spacely Sprockets. NOTE: This model does NOT turn into a briefcase for easy carrying. User interface upgraded to Internet Explorer 6.0.2600.144.xpsp_sp48_gdr_jetpack_martin_JP. This jetpack is AS-IS. No warranty. $4500.00 OBO call 867-5309

    ** These are just not worth as much since the XP-38s came out! **

  12. Dave-O says:

    Kinda small for me, don’t they make a bigger model?

  13. That’s really – REALLY – big. Future, you’re still letting me down.

  14. Deltus says:

    Want it very much, but with my luck I’d be, oh, a mile up and run out of fuel or get hit by a plane or somesuch. Fortunately, I haven’t got a spare 75 grand burning a hole in my pocket.

  15. lawrence says:

    i’ll take two, please….

  16. Kaileigh says:

    ahahha YAYYYY. WANT.