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Jean Claude Van Damme Gave Training Lessons to a Bunch of Kids

Jean-Claude Van Damme flew halfway around the world to take on a band of child martial artists. No, that’s not a new action movie (sadly), it actually happened, and it was pretty cool.

Van Damme was a speaker at the Global Business Forum in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and while he was there he took some time out to train and work with some young martial artists.

The training session took place in a large room with tons of spectators, and after doing some group training, JCVD took time out with lots of individual kids to shadow kickbox with them. A couple of times it looked like he was going to accidentally make contact, but it was the kids that landed a few real shots, including one low blow.

I have to admit, the entire time I was watching this I was coming up with Bloodsport sequels in my head. (Bloodiersport? Bleedsport? Bledsport?) I’d even be up for a remake with Van Damme in the Chong Li role, only this time it’s a tournament for children and Van Damme is the bad guy adult winning it every year.

If working with a well-known martial arts movie star wasn’t inspiring enough for those kids, then they should also remember this quote from the actor, found on the Global Forum’s website touting him as a speaker:

I love challenges. If you don’t have any and can do whatever you want, then it’s probably time to die.

Uh, yeah totally…I think.

Besides Jean Claude Van Damme, who would you like to get martial art lessons from? Name him or her or obviously Jackie Chan in the comments right here.

Image: YouTube/Jean-Claude Vandammelibrary

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