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Jawbreakers Are No Match for a 60,000-PSI Waterjet

What exactly is the allure of a jawbreaker? Which marketing genius thought that the world was clamoring for a giant, sugary, rainbow-colored solid rock in the candy aisle? One with the most literal name of all time, to boot? Jawbreakers aren’t a delectable treat to be enjoyed when your sweet tooth calls, but rather a serious oral injury in waiting, probably covertly funded by the American Dental Association. But that doesn’t mean they can’t bring us all some entertainment. Not from eating them, but instead from watching them get sliced them up with a 60,000 psi waterjet.


This video from the Waterjet Channel, found via Boing Boing, treats us to such a vision. After starting us off with a simple cross section view, this team of crack scientists started making patterns that show off just how precise these high-powered waterjets really are. The video also highlights the density and strength of jawbreakers, because for as difficult as they are to eat, they really lend themselves to being destroyed in aesthetically pleasing ways.

The patterns made here turned an unappetizing “candy,” one that you could kill someone with far easier than you could successfully bite, into beautiful little pieces of art. Heck, carving them up with a waterjet makes us almost want to eat one.


Almost, because we don’t have our own powerful waterjet to crack these things for us, just our teeth. So no, we still don’t totally understand the allure of them as a food, but they sure are pretty for slicing up with a cool machine.

What would you like to see them slice up next with a waterjet? Carve up our comments section below with your best suggestions.

Images: Waterjet Channel/YouTube

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