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James Bond Takes on Mr. Hinx in New SPECTRE Preview Scene

Some of the most memorable villains in the James Bond films aren’t the masterminds, they’re the unique operatives who are far more than just henchmen. Jaws and Oddjob immediately come to mind because of their unforgettable gimmicks – razor hat and metal teeth, respectively. But in Spectre, Dave Bautista’s Mr. Hinx may be an entirely different kind of beast.

Unlike some of his Bond villain predecessors, Mr. Hinx is said to be highly intelligent. Combined with his physical strength and fighting prowess, Hinx actually represents a real threat to Bond (Daniel Craig). And in this newly released video clip from Spectre, Hinx takes several of Bond’s best shots and he is seemingly unaffected during their intense battle on board a train. The fight plays out without the customary Bond theme playing in the background, which allows for a few uncomfortable sound effects when Hinx gets his hands on Bond’s head.

Bond (Daniel Craig) fights Hinx (Dave Bautista) on a train in this new clip from SPECTRE.

Posted by James Bond 007 on Saturday, October 24, 2015

It was Bautista’s performance as Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy that elevated his profile as an actor. Spectre is Bautista’s first major film to hit since Guardians of the Galaxy and it will be his chance to show off a more sinister side to his screen persona.

“When I came over to meet Sam [Mendes], I only asked two questions,” recalled Bautista during an interview with Empire magazine. “I asked him if Mr. Hinx was a badass. He said, ‘Yes, he’s a badass.’ I said, ‘Well, is Mr. Hinx intelligent?’ He said, ‘Very.’ That’s what I like about Mr. Hinx. He’s very well-dressed and very well-mannered. I’m not just here to fight people. He has a sense of humor. He definitely knows what a metaphor is.”

Spectre will be released in the North America on November 6.

Bond fans, what did you think of your first real glimpse of Mr. Hinx in action? Toss your hats and share your opinions below!

HT: Entertainment Weekly
Image Credit: Sony Pictures/MGM

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