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It’s “Talking Dead” Time

Here’s a not-too-subtle reminder that after The Walking Dead airs its season opener on AMC on Sunday night, Chris Hardwick will be hosting the live aftershow, Talking Dead. It’s set to air at midnight Eastern/11 Central, after the second airing of The Walking Dead episode.

What will you get? You’ll get a panel including Robert Kirkman, James Gunn, and Patton Oswalt discussing the show and taking your questions. You can submit questions by posting at the official Talking Dead website or by tweeting @AMCTalkingDead. Oh, also at the official site, there’s going to be an extra segment of the show streamed live.

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, or you’re a zombie, you’ll want to see this.

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  1. I would rather be eaten by a herd of zombies then to watch Marilyn Manson as a guest again on the talking dead. That was very painful to watch. I think my brain melted.

  2. -Di. says:

    I have to say that I am beginning to enjoy Talking Dead. Even Chris said that they have relaxed a bit on the format. I am happy that I stuck with it. I knew that in time it would find its groove, so to speak.

    W00t: One hour episode this week (11/27). This should be really interesting!!

    I’m probably the only one who hates In Memoriam. It was OK the first time but it really doesn’t add value. That time would be better used talking to the guest. But that is just my humble opinion. Thank goodness for fast forward button.

    I have been converted! W00t!

  3. chris says:

    It started out slow in the season, but last week made up for it. It was GREAT, can’t wait to see how it turns out…..

  4. chris says:

    Do you guy’s think lori worried about bringing up a child in these fucked-up times, or do u think she’s afraid it may be shanes?

  5. chris says:

    Hey ALL. I was wondering if you and the walkers are gonna vist New Yotk? If so i’d luv to zombie walk Times square Ha, ha…… So whats ya think?

  6. Brian E. says:

    Great job Big C!! Super fun show. Just flew by. The In Memoriam was GENIUS. Keep it and the Facts segments. That was really informative.

  7. TM says:

    CHRIS…can this be a nerdist podcast PLEASE!?!?!?!?

  8. Vincent S says:

    Finally got a copy of it from torrent or very convenient source of information called morrent *wink*. I liked the on-the-web aftershow (that I watched first) more than the actual Talking Dead (both were amazing) for some reason. Are you technically a sellout if you join Mindy Holahan on the improbable Thursdays on a Yacht while crocheting a non-nerd craft thingy?

    From what I know everyone on the Comic Walking Dead is infected BUT the decease takes over the person after said person has died. That when the momentous event of the comic title gets said by the characters “we’re the walking dead” on the end of one of the chapters. I dunno, I might be wrong or they’ll change it during the season. A very convenient way of taking care of the blood spatter problem.

  9. -Di. says:

    FYI: you can see an extra 15 min online:

    Sadly you cannot see the whole episode. If enough people politely ask AMC to sell Talking Dead I’m sure they will make it available.

    This just in from FB: The Walking Dead breaks cable records! And Talking Dead draws 1.2 million viewers!

    Congratulations Chris!!! That is awesome!

  10. Jimpey's inner monologue says:

    I’m an asshole and I have no friends.
    I take advantage of the people I love.
    I have both male and female parts but I can use neither.
    I am jealous of everyone so I choose to mock the world in an effort to make my life seem a little more significant.
    I will never achieve orgasm with my shrimpy pevaginis even by myself. The doctors confirmed this when I was 15.

    The internet hates me because I yell all the time and get revved up over absolutely nothing.
    My hatred is the only redeeming quality I have because I’m good at nothing.
    I don’t understand what selling out is but I know it’s bad.
    Why do people get so pissed at me? I’m only searching out the things I hate in places that don’t interest me and complaining about it.

    I wish I knew what I was supposed to do with myself but I don’t and never will so I will continue to attack people that find their balance and tell them they are selling out. whatever that means.

  11. Chris Hardwick says:

    Thanks everyone! Even to jimpey, who–when you peel back all the layers–is really just asking for a blow job. I only work on stuff I like and believe in, so this hipster idea of making money as being a sellout is comical. If you see me hosting a real housewife special, however, then I will have a shirt made that says “SELLOUT” in puffy paint on the front. I genuinely feel bad for someone who would go into such a vicious rage over a non-life threatening issue like a show someone would host. Happy people just don’t think to do shit like that, so whatever’s going on bud, I sincerely hope it gets better!!! #hugs

    The show was so much damn fun. It always take me an ep or two to get comfortable with a new show flow, so anything that felt clunky on my part will smooth out! Thanks! You guys rule.

  12. agirlyman says:

    Damn it I missed it! Where can I go to see it? S2 Episode one was awesome by the way!

  13. SlimCharles says:

    As I thought, Talking Dead is much more interesting than the show itself. This episode wasn’t any better than all season 1 episodes, which I didn’t like at all [except first one, which was good].

  14. laurel says:

    i love this. i saw the q&a on the amc site. i don’t know who the guy was next to patton but jonah ray would have been a way better guest.

  15. paul says:

    Is there a place to watch this online? I missed it.

  16. Jen K says:

    The In Memoriam segment was the best! It had my gut bag in stitches.

    Oh, dear, with greater fame comes the haterade … should have known from the poll results! Might be time to start monitoring comments around here more tightly – all the civil sites do it, and there’s no reason any of us should put up with abuse. Suckage!

  17. Sorry I missed out on the “Talking Dead” but did see the season premiere of TWD. Was this a boring episode? It seemed boring.
    I don’t want to spoilers, but that thing that happened at the end of the episode isn’t going to take all season to resolve is it?

  18. Doug says:

    The Talking Dead was a riot. Who knew Patton Oswald could be that funny??! (I’m kidding, Mr. O) Chris kept the pace moving right along and interesting, just as if he’d been an experienced interviewer! (now I’m kidding you Mr. H) The poll and memorial were inspired bits, and it was nice to laugh after feeling my heart thud for 90 minutes of awesome horror. Really enjoyed The Talking Dead and think it’d work even better by adding another half hour to it!

  19. courtland says:

    It was awesome chris. If I had one complaint it would bethat I wish it was 1 hour and not a half hour on tv and a half hour online , though I do at the same time think it’s cool so people who miss the show could still see theweb segment. As for my favorite things, it’d probably be the zombie and human death count ,and the zombie memorial.

  20. Chris C. says:

    Loved it!

    I totally lost it with the Zombie Memorial! That was freakin’ brilliant!

    The riffing was great, and the reaction to the online poll was really funny (was that rigged? If not I must have been the one person comprising the 0.1%). I can’t wait to see next week.

    I think my only (out of your control) complaint would be this: why is the show after the encore showing? It would be great to go right into it after the episode’s premiere, especially for those of us on the east coast who had to stay up until midnight to see it…

  21. Suzanne says:

    Great show last night Chris. Patton and James were the perfect guests. It was fun to have you all nerd out about the Walking Dead. You asked a couple of questions that I thought of too. Keep up the great work, and I’ll be watching each week. F**k the haters.

  22. Nancy says:

    I enjoyed it!

    I not a big fan of James Gunn and I still liked it because Chris is an excellent host.

    Now I am hoping for some more Doctor Who specials on the BBC.

    Only 21 comments here? What’s going on???

  23. JKINGKONG says:

    Loved it! I said it on twitter and i’ll say it again. Chris Hardwick~The best at Everything he does*

  24. Filthy says:

    Chris is doing a talk show about Zombies and you think that’s selling out jimpey? Dude you went full retard. At this stage in his career Chris deserves a far higher class of troll than you.

  25. Vincent S says:


    It wasn’t as effective the last time Rick used it…

    All I want to say, “Kablam!”

  26. bozbozbozboz says:

    jimpey (!!!) you’re a cock (!!!) you’re a cock

  27. jimpey says:

    “The Talking Dead”


    Fuck me running.

    Chris Hardwick… you are a sellout piece of shit. That’s all I want to say really… but I can’t possibly leave it at that. You have sold your soul to capitalism. ($$$) I hope you can retire to Florida now ($$$), because if not, ($$$) you may as well just stroll on down to Texas ($$$) and wrap your lips around George W. Bush ($$$)’s cock, (of course you know you can find him right next to the dugout) durring the National Anthem at the 1st game of the World Series. That’s the best I could possibly grant you, after watching you fawn over those self absobred producer whores. You piece of shit. I watch G4… I thought you used to have a miniscule piece of (indicated) integrity… I used to trust your “opinion”. But it’s all bullshit. Put on an Ed Hardy t-shirt and suck my cock.


  28. christocav234 says:

    Ya know, no one ever answered james gunn’s question about why the survivors just don’t cover themselves in zombie blood and filth, so they can fool the zombies all the time. Or do the pull the dead corpses over themselves to trick the zombies more often. I would even include the bill murray method of “fake zombie makeup” from zombieland too.

    Of course, then there’s always the real danger of running into other groups of survivors mistaking you for zombies and taking potshots ( which also happened to bill murray in zombieland). And I would imagine the smell and filth would be too overbearing to deal with for that long, I guess.

  29. Corey Young says:

    I couldn’t watch the live show because I don’t have TV (I’m one of those that waits until seasons are finished and then has a marathon), but the online bonus segment was great. I’ll have to convince a friend with cable to host a weekly viewing party.

  30. Ken C says:

    The zombie memorial segment was a little “too soon” maybe huh? I use to play Scrabble with Winnebago Walker on Thursdays. Pour one out.
    Great after-showty! I did wish it was longer. You three needed more time to let the nerd fumes waft. Mazeltov!

  31. Gannon says:

    As always Chris, nicely done!

  32. Tony V says:

    Watching it now. My girlfriend and I lost it during the zombie memorial. Haha, brilliant!

  33. owl says:

    also am i the only american ansewering this post??

  34. owl says:

    chris looks stoned

  35. Filthy says:

    Someone should ask the panel what they think about this

  36. Rob B says:

    I actually get AMC in Canada. So, I will be watching. Good luck!

  37. Daniel Hughes says:

    Will this be available for download with a Walking Dead season pass on itunes? 🙁

  38. wabert says:

    well i am an avid fan of the walking dead show. but i cant see this video sin ce im not in the right country. f*n shame that is

  39. Christer says:

    ” The video you are trying to watch cannot be viewed from your current country” Sad face stained with tears…..

  40. Hey, the guys were a little busy for the past few days, as you might have noticed. Patience…

  41. Will says:

    Meh. Me wants new podcast!