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It’s Rex Manning Day! Celebrate EMPIRE RECORDS’ Best with Ethan Embry Tonight

Damn the man: Save the Empire! It’s Rex Manning Day and we’re about to shock you, shock you, shock you with some deviant behavior — or, you know, a way to properly celebrate. Because when Empire Records came out in 1995, a nation was left forever changed by a couple of indie music store workers hellbent on saving the place they called home. Anyone who grew up in the nineties will tell you that the hijinks of Warren, Jane, Debra, Gina, Corey, Mark, Lucas, and even Joe helped define an era of Gin Blossoms, flannel fashion, and standing up for what you love.

Which is why today, April 8th, we should do more than let the day that Rexy “You’re so Sexy” Manning took over the Empire just pass us by. We should unite and relive the magic. “But how?,” you ask. To which we reply: Say no more, mon amour — Ethan Embry’s got you covered.

(Editor’s note: This twitter takeover happened in 2014.)

The actor and keyholder to our ’90s hearts has decided to take matters into his own hands, hosting an online live-tweet/watch-along of Empire Records in honor of Rex Manning day. And it’s tonight! Starting at 7 pm PT (10 pm ET). So now you know what you’re doing with your Tuesday evening, right? (And no, the answer is not “glue quarters to the floor.”) We sure do. If you somehow don’t have a copy of the film yourself — we’ll try not to judge — you can rent it from Amazon for less than the price of one of your corporate lattes.

So, who’s going to be celebrating Rex Manning Day with us? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Please show these versions from the author (director) of the music video, not the ripped off versions of hacks downloading content for page views. Thanks.

    Youtube version

    Vimeo Version The real author (director) of the Rex Manning Music Video.

  2. Dereth says:

    I’ve been wanting to watch this movie lately, so tonight’s a perfect opportunity! Damn the Man, Save the Empire!!

  3. Porter says:

    About to put my DVD in!

  4. Janey says:

    I’ve been celebrating all day. First up: Tell someone I love them by 1:37pm

  5. nova says:

    I just recently re-watched this movie. I think it holds up. Ish.

  6. Jenn Woods says:

    I would LOVE to find a bar in NYC that would be participating in this! If anyone knows of any that might be, please let me know! Thanks in advance! /sings “Say no more, mon amour…”/

  7. Amanda says:

    I always do what Ethan Embry asks me to do.

  8. Sunni says:

    Hell yeah! Damn the man, save the Empire!