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‘Is This Your Cat?’: The Incredible Spinning Mouse (Or Rat. Whatever. It’s A Rotating Rodent, OK?)

And sometimes, the kind of things you see in viral videos just happen right in front of you.

I was finishing my morning run when I saw this:

You don’t see a mouse chasing its tail too often. I didn’t really know what to do — you want to help the poor thing, but, then again, it IS a rodent — so I did what most people would do in that situation: I pulled out my cell phone and took blurry video of it, then posted it to YouTube.

And, yes, the guy walking by says “Is this your cat?” Why, no, but it’s an incredible facsimile thereof.

UPDATE: (And to answer those warning not to get close because it’s rabid, a) you’re probably right about the rabies and/or Hantavirus, and b) I’m not crazy enough to want to get that close, not even for video. I circled around the poor thing.  Rodents tend to creep me out even when they’re not rabid…)

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  1. Esri says:

    Yup, head injury. I’ve seen pigeons do the same thing (well, slower) when they get grazed by a car. What you need is some kind of mercy-killing laser. Somebody needs to write an app for that.

  2. redrkr says:

    It looks more like a gerbil…

  3. Is it wrong to want to give that to my neighbor’s jerk of a five year old? As much as that kids screams, I’d be simply delighted if he contracted rabies or because a zombie… Yeah. Zombies.

  4. Magnoliafan says:

    You live in PV? Must be rich.

  5. Jess says:

    The poor thing has brain damage. When my cat ‘plays’ with voles and mice she bats them around until they run in circles like that then she kills them and offers them as gifts to my husband.

  6. Looking at it (relatively) up close, it didn’t have a rat-like snout. More like a mouse. It had a mouse face and was lighter-colored than the roof rats we have in this neighborhood. But the tail is rattish. (Is that a word?) I didn’t want to get any closer than I did, not being desirous of Hantavirus.

  7. mulciber says:

    Yes, that is a rat. And considering it is suffering from neurological degeneration, it is unquestionably now an erstwhile rat. Poor fellow didn’t have it easy. RIP

  8. shardcore says:

    i got three letters for you. PCP …

  9. Chrlyn says:

    Sometimes rats act crazy after they eat rat poison.
    : (
    How long did that go on for?

  10. Jenn says:

    Yes, that is a rat! A mouse is about 1/10 that size.

  11. Geoff Coates says:

    I think a rat spinning clockwise indicates an impending earthquake, doesn’t it?
    Counterclockwise means Oprah’s just found a sibling, I know that.

  12. LinLorienelen says:

    I’ve heard when dogs attack their tails (not just chasing), it could be a sign of rabies. Sorry… #Imgreatatparties

  13. Sam says:

    My friend, that is a rat. Probably with airborne mega-rabies.