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iPhone Users Have More Sex Than Android Users

Gizmodo did a very interesting study involving the quality of user photos on dating site OkCupid, and how the camera you use determines your success in getting a date through an online matchmaker. Of course, the real headline of the study is this: iPhone users get freaky with twice as many partners as Android users.

The numbers were taken, apparently, from OkCupid users and their data (which I guess includes how many people they’ve slept with). Gizmodo reports that this data comes from 9,785 users, all aged 30. So those out there who are sticklers for proper experimental procedure, that at least covers the sample size. However, I couldn’t find any mention of how many users of each phone OS were surveyed, so the sample size of users for each individual phone OS remains a mystery. Maybe they only surveyed two Android users, and they were huge Jonas Brothers fans and have been wearing promise rings for the past five years.

Which raises another question…the Gizmodo article (and every other blogger out there who has covered this subject…including me now, I guess) is quick to say that this means that iPhone users have “more sex”. However, the numbers only indicate the number of different sexual partners…it could be, that instead of iPhone users being cool, attractive, and seductive, and Android users being lonely losers, that Android users are simply more monogamous, while iPhone users are a bunch of streetwalking harlots. That’s right. I just called you iSluts. Deal with it.


For the record, the rest of the Gizmodo article about camera quality and user photos is actually pretty interesting. And it will not judge you for your number of sexual partners.

Pretty Woman Image: Touchstone Pictures

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  1. Traci says:

    that’s one thing to do till your iPhone is working again!

  2. Smitch says:

    To say it again in not so many words, the headline should read “More Sex Partners” than “More Sex” – the current one is simply incorrect.

  3. anonymous(joe) says:


    chris you suck

  4. I think I should buy an iphone.

  5. Brittany Richards says:

    “The real Headline is… I-phone users proven to be even bigger douches than previously thought according to recent sex study…”


  6. Marshall says:

    “Whores use iPhone”

    I think I’ve found their next slogan…

  7. angrynerd says:

    Look, none of this is scientific at all. It’s just entertainment. The only thing that remotely was quantifiable by picture quality. That’s it. Tape a decent phone to a great camera and according to them you’d get laid a lot. I’ve apparently had 3.5 times the “average” number of partners and I use an effing POS razor (yeah gotta destroy that thing). But this article sure makes the nerdy iCultists jizz in their cosplay costumes.

  8. caserrr says:

    Just for the record, this isn’t a Gizmodo story. It was just re-published there. It’s from OkCupid’s blog, where they do lots of cool things like this.

  9. CassiCost says:

    I don’t know about the whole married/monogamous explanation. The research was done by a dating site, so methinks that the andriod users polled were probably trying to get laid just as frequently as the iphone users were.
    I do think it is a question of key demographics, though. I mean, who would argue that it’s the phone itself? Iphones are a mainstream phone and andriod users tends to be a bit nerdier. Nerds don’t have as much sex, even in the Era of the Nerd. It’s just the way of the world.

  10. deb says:

    In this instance, the comments seem as compelling as the very interesting contribution–I am going to have to go back and “deep-read!”
    My first thought: iSluts…CLASSIC!!!
    Also: I use a decidedly stupid “green” cellular. Does nothing but calls…has a beautiful and distinctive ringtone. But I have been with a highly intelligent and impulsive person–who DOES like to lie–that has the iPhone…and is a HUGE slut! (And proud of it.) So….

  11. Kyle says:

    My interpretation of this is similar to that of Joe’s. Smarter, more mature people in stable relationships tend to be less compulsory, like in shopping for a phone. I would imagine that these people would choose a phone based less on what is “in the trend” and more on service (ie, not ATT). I’m willing to bet that if the poll had tallied instances of intercourse, rather than number of partners, the numbers would be closer.

    \ married
    \\ two Android phones

  12. Fred says:

    It’s called Grindr.

  13. Maddeh says:

    … Or that Iphone users are more likely to lie about it.

  14. philds391 says:

    Wanna get laid? There’s an app for that.

  15. Joe Callan says:

    Like their aimless selection of inferior (but cursorily pretty-looking) tech products, iPhone users will screw any other human that looks good at a glance (ultimately leading to high-frequency but low-quality sexual experiences).

    For instance, the usual stray dog probably isn’t a smartphone user; I would wager nonetheless that this dog has had more sexual partners than Android, Blackberry, OR iPhone users.

    So by this measure, the key to having more sex is clearly to stop using a smartphone, never shower, acquire matted hair, and eat the bodily waste of your peers.