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iPhone Rumor Round-Up

While hosting Attack of the Show yeasterday, I had the pleasure of chatting it up with CNET princess Natali Del Conte via satellite (or magic). Sidenote re: AT&T: I want to make it clear that I don’t just harrass them to be an asshole. My hope is that SOMEONE is listening and will improve service in Los Angeles. It is EMBARRASSING how many calls I drop in a day with the delightful “No Service” and “Call Failed” messages popping up in the corner , like fractious little hate-nymphs giving me the finger and flicking poo at my eyes. This is a service plan that we have to pay more for, so it makes it that much more annoying.

Also, Los Angeles is QUITE a large city–I’m not bitching about dropping calls in Bucksnort, TN (a real place). I have sincerely never spoken to ONE person who is happy with their AT&T service. I wonder if they know that so many people feel that way? If I were A double T, I’d be shitting my britches at the thought of the iPhone being available on another carrier because the day that happens, the mass exodus that occurs will be of a comical proportion.

So, I guess what I’m saying is, AT&T: If you want people to say nice things about you and not break up with you at the first chance, IMPROVE YOUR DAMN NETWORK.

Oh, right! The interview! iPhone rumors, Natali’s nice, etc…

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  1. ZiPP3R says:

    I’ve never had an issue with my AT&T service. I was with tmobile and verizon prior to AT&T when I lived in New Mexico. However, as soon as I left the city limits I lost more service with them than I ever have with AT&T. When they first aquired cingular the network was very weak, but within one year, friends signals went from 3-5 bars.

    Now at TCU in Fort Worth, the ONLY carrier I’ve found that is worth a damn INSIDE buildings, is AT&T. I swapped purely because I was sick of my tmobile dropping calls because I walked into a classroom. The only time the network slows is when the 90% of our schools population is at a football game playing multiplayer apps, calling, and texting at halftime. Other service providers don’t seem to get any service hardly.

    I agree, that AT&T COULD improve, but it sounds like LA just needs MORE towers. Its less a company issue and more of a regional problem.

  2. Brad says:


  3. Poc says:

    I’m in the LA/Santa Monica, CA area I too made the jump from T-Mobile for AT&T. T-Mobile just had unpredictable coverage here so I eventually decided to switch and get an iPhone. Wrong choice. Though it may have been unpredictable before, it was at least somewhat useable. The iPhone, however, is completely useless as either a mobile or stationary phone while in my house. This goes for any phone on the AT&T network, not just iPhones, although those are particularly difficult to find (and maintain) connection for.

    Listen AT&T and wireless folks – this is not the vast desert expanse or mountainous wilderness – this is Los Angeles, probably the largest and highest-value market/city in the country after NYC. I have friends from London and Paris visiting who are astonished that phone companies can get away with such poor service here and no one actually holds them accountable for it.

  4. Big Toon says:

    I left T-Mo for AT&T, for the exact same reason: an ass-load of dropped calls. I’m in the LA/Burbank area, and I gotta say, AT&T, not much better.

  5. Paul says:

    The iPhone itself is not a good phone. It’s a great little smartphone but as a reliable “phone” it has some serious weaknesses. Don’t blame AT&T solely for your dropped/missed calls. I had a Nokia candybar phone prior to my iPhone and the Nokia worked much better in the same areas in NY and NJ.

  6. AT&T service in New Jersey isn’t bad at all. There are several spots where it gets sketchy though.

  7. Sarah says:

    I’m an iphone user on the north side of Chicago. AT&T has opened a closed a trouble ticket at least 6 times for this “no service” in my house issue. They are telling me they’ve never guaranteed service in all buildings and that I need to change my SIM card. What the chick will not concede is that NO ONE gets service within a block radius of my apartment. So does EVERYONE have a bogus SIM card?

    Well there you go; I’m considering switching. I feel like I’m breaking up with my high school sweetheart.

  8. LisaG says:

    AT&T bites it here in NYC, as well. I jokingly refer to W.49th btn 6AV & Bwy as the Alien Abduction Zone. I always drop calls on that block. If I wore a watch, the hands would probably start spinning around crazily at the same time.

  9. Ward says:

    Yeah damn straight!!

    I hope Ivan Seidenberg will get it, I think he is crazy mad that he let it slip through his fingers! C’mon right? monopoly anyone? Race Cars…

  10. I hear ya about the dropped calls on the iPhone, but here in the good old midwest, we don’t have that issue. Minneapolis/St. Paul might not be as big as L.A., but it’s not Bucksnot either. I have literally dropped maybe three calls on my iPhone in the past year. I have no complaints with my AT&T service, at least in this part of the country.

    You would think that L.A. would be a more important network than where I am at, since the population of iPhone users is at least 50x greater. It doesn’t make any sense actually. I wish you the great service I have been using for the past year. It is nice.

    That part when you told Natalie about your personal lives was pretty damn funny. I don’t think she heard you; either that or she chose to ignore you completely. Great job hosting the show as always. You seem to push the envelop more than Kevin does. I bet you it has to do with Kevin needing his daily job. Good job though, keep it up and I will keep watching and reading your website.


  11. Cloud says:

    Don’t worry, even people at Apple hate AT&T.

  12. totally in love with Natali Del Conte! beautiful and geek!!!

  13. shaun says:

    Nice?! She’s freakin’ gorgeous man! I hope you’re hooking up with her. Cause I know I won’t be. Damn it……

  14. cant wait for those Iphone updates! oh and i think you may now have more dropped calls thanks to your at&t bashing. lol

  15. marco says:

    Natali Del Conte she is made of magic

  16. meerhank says:

    Agree! Thx for this. Don’t forget all of the bad connections in LA. How can I sit in my living room in West LA and still have to say “Can you hear me now? Sorry!”???

  17. I have no problem at all, very happy with the service

  18. Steve says:

    AT&T service is the only reason I haven’t switched to an iPhone. Like another poster, I’m sticking with Verizon and the POS that’s the LG Dare until something happens (either AT&T improves their network or Verizon gets the iPhone).

    I know Apple probably won’t do this…but if the iPod Touch had a camera…

  19. Thomas says:

    AT&T service sucks equally in Chicago. Dropped calls all the time, unless I lean toward the window in our sunroom (in the heart of the metro, mind you). And there are data dead zones along the Brown Line on the L; you can watch the signal go from 3G to E to “Searching…”, back and forth, from the Chicago Ave. station to Fullerton, and no matter how fluidly they claim the connection switches between networks, most apps get hung up every time. I don’t miss my Sprint phone, but I reeeeeeally miss Sprint.

  20. Martin B. says:

    Actually, I was pretty happy with AT&T when I was in Nampa, ID for a year…
    I don’t think that helps you though 🙂

  21. Alan says:


    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for speaking up to AT&T and Apple using AT&T. I left Sprint which had superior coverage and excellent call quality for the iPhone and I’m not use to such ghetto service. Also, you said you want AT&T to HEAR you and I agree. When people say that Companies are like people, some people are listeners (like Apple) and some people are clearly not (like AT&T)… and AT&T needs to LISTEN to us and make the necessary changes. Living in the Hollywood Hills, unless I’m on my Mt. Bike on Mulholland I have, if I’m lucky, one bar whereas with Sprint I had full service in every nook and cranny. I don’t even have two bars at Runyon for chrissakes!!!!

  22. Dumblond says:

    I too wonder why you have such issues with AT&T in a big metropolitan area like LA when out here–in my little town—we get pretty good service. At least my husband has had no complaints with his iPhone. And AT&T is the only service that works near my folks’ beach house…
    Very weird…

  23. James E. says:

    Nice round-up. Your comments about AT&T are why I’m still on Verizon with the LG Dare. I just don’t drop calls. Plus, I agree with you, how much more would Apple rake in if the iPhone were available on 2 or 3 carriers? Craploads.

  24. MikeM says:

    So, let me try to read between the lines, here; you do like AT&T, or your don’t like AT&T? ;p

    I’m on Rogers, here in Canada, and I get maybe 1 dropped call every 2 weeks. The Rogers wireless network used to be AT&T. I winder why LA is such a problem?

  25. Allen says:

    It’s horrible here in phoenix too. Someone at AT&T needs to pull their head out of their ass

  26. Stephen says:

    Every carrier sucks. The grass is always greener…

  27. DetroitChris says:

    In Jacksonville, FL and my 3G drops calls constantly. And it does not seem to care who I am talking to, which is very inconsiderate. If I’m talking to my GF that is one thing, she is used to my crappy service. But If I’m talking to my University about my Masters, C’mon! Hold the drop for when my friend wants to tell me he saw this really cool VW driving down the road.
    Oh, and I can switch from 3G to Edge randomly in my own house, with the phone just sitting on my desk.
    And I want wireless headphones.

  28. Deltus says:

    I was trying to follow along with the conversation, but kept getting distracted by the fact that Natali is so smoking hot it makes my spleen hurt. I’m having a tough time typing this because my brain is a little low on the blood pressure at the moment.

    Did she catch the “personal lives” joke at the start of the interview? That was fucking funny, btw. I salute you, sir.

    And, did I mention that she’s insanely hot? Cause she is. Oh, no, here we go… *passes out from low blood pressure in the brain pan*

  29. Jamin says:

    I live about 300 miles east of Bucksnort TN and I have no problem with dropped calls in my area. I’m not saying their service is great, I would much rather use the Iphone with another carrier. But for living in an area littered with mountains, AT&T does a pretty good job delivering their service here. I am also still on edge, so hopefully the service will get even better when they bring 3G here in the next couple months.

  30. Allan says:

    I completely understand the frustration with ATT’s 3g issues. However, I have to wonder if Apple can create such an incredible device like the the “Jesus Phone”; why couldn’t they come up with a way for it to handle the call when the phone transitions from 3G to Edge. Then again, is that even possible ? Who knows ? Btw, great show yesterday, Alison and you have a great chemistry on that show.

  31. David says:

    I have had a double t service since 1999 in the Pittsburgh, PA to Wheeling, WV area, and I have never, not once, dropped a call.

  32. Travis Smith says:

    WIth the original phone, I had the same problems. The iPhone 3G has changed everything for me (based out of Richmond VA). I’ve typically had full 3G signal everywhere in Richmond or any other major city I’ve travelled to. Maybe there are some technical demons at work here? Or is LA just screwed?

  33. 1ndigo says:

    I have my iPhone Pwnd and using it on the T-Mobile network. I have no complains about it.

    Would love if Apple would open the contract for other companies to carry the iPhone. but dont see that happening anytime soon.

    Great interview Mr. HARDWICK

  34. Go us! 🙂

    Good job filling in for Kevin yesterday!