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iPhone 2.0.1 Firmware Update Promises, "I’ll Try Real Hard To Be Good To You From Now On, Baby"

So, look who’s come crawling back with a new bag o’ goods to sell. Why, it’s iPhone’s genetically modified 2.0.1 update which promises to speed up your backing up and data input experiences from Leonardo DiCaprio in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape to Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can.

Please feel free to load up the comments with reviews and/or discoveries about Apple’s first official tweak, because I’d do it for you.


Image: Apple

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  1. Chich says:

    backing up is no faster than before for me… is 30-45 minutes normal for backing up data? (not including syncing MP3s and videos and such)

  2. Efren says:

    Mr Hardwick, what do you think now of the 3G? Is the white one still worth it with the cracking? I really wanted a white one too… QQ

  3. chrisallen says:

    i’ve chosen to stick with the iphone edge and i’m downloading the update right now… we’ll see what happens.

  4. The Nerdist says:

    Texting is better but the same lag exists when you go to your contacts. I s’pose Apple only has the resources to fix one thing at a time.

  5. Scott says:

    I haven’t had the crashing apps like a lot of people have had, but the laggy keypad was kind of irritating but now after the 2.0.1 it seems to be back to being as quick as it was with the 1.0

  6. The Nerdist says:

    Mine did back up faster. It still wasn’t as fast as 1.x back ups, but it was still much swifter than it has been.

  7. smoovebert says:

    my iphon3g does seem to have less of a tendency to be Mr. Laggy Keyboardpants since I updated the firmware last night. Can’t speak to the supposed quicker sync/backup times yet since I just sync contacts, etc. OTA.