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Interview: Scarlett Byrne on Bringing Adult Lexi To Life In FALLING SKIES

One of the major twists to come out of last season of TNT’s alien-invasion drama, Falling Skies, was that of baby Lexi. As the season progressed, we learned the Mason child was actually an alien/human hybrid, and that she was rapidly aging, to the point where she was walking on two legs by the finale. Now in season four, Lexi has grown to that a full-blown adult, and this is what actress Scarlett Byrne had to say on playing the character.

Nerdist: Falling Skies is this very fast moving train right now. It’s in Season 4. What was it like to jump onto that at this point in the game?

Scarlett Byrne: Oh, so much fun. In the beginning I was nervous and apprehensive joining a cast like this family who’s been together for the past three, four years. The only way I can relate is joining a new school. So I was excited but, at the same time, apprehensive. But everyone was very welcoming. I feel very privileged to be a part of the Falling Skies family. I really hope people like seeing what I’ve done with the character.

N: Speaking of that, when you think of Lexi, do you view her as a fully realized adult or do you think of her more as a child in an adult’s body?

SB: The first thing I’ll say is she definitely isn’t one dimensional. For me personally, she technically is this child in this young woman’s body. She’s growing at such a rapid rate and there is so much to her that I wouldn’t say she is either/or. I would say she is definitely a mixture of both. She has the intellect of someone way beyond her years, if not definitely someone who is not humanlike. But the more childlike side of her definitely comes from the side of her that’s more, I would say, innocent and there is this sense of naivety towards her character, especially in the beginning. So it was great as an actress to really learn and grow with her as the season went on. I was learning new things about her constantly, which is great fun.

N: It also feel like Lexi is being viewed as a god. Do you think of her as that way or do you think of her more as this person who just hasn’t really come to terms with the reality of the Espheni war at this point?

SB: That’s a difficult question, only because I wouldn’t say that Lexi sees herself as this god. She doesn’t really see herself like that. Other people do because I think people, in general, are scared of the unknown. So when it comes to Lexi, people are either going to fear her or they 100% believe in her vision and her message. But in regards to Lexi, all she really wants to do is send this message of peace and unity. And she doesn’t want there to be a fight. She wants everyone to put their guns down. And that’s really all she cares about.At the same time, she wants to have a good relationship with her family and her friends and the rest of the second mass. But her sole purpose is this message.

She isn’t really bothered about who is worshiping her, how many people follow her, and if people think she is a god or not. All she cares about is the message of peace and she really wants people to believe her. That I think is what she is mainly interested in, as well as the fact that she, I think, is one step ahead of everyone else. For the first time in this season there have been many unanswered questions. You know, why are they attacking us? Why are they here? What do they want with us? And I think for the first time the characters are realizing that she could be a key to finding some of the answers to those questions.

N: She is still a Mason at the end of the day. So do you think she views herself as a member of the Mason family still?

SB: Oh, definitely. I think so. She is this hybrid, but, at the same time, there is so much of her alien and humanlike. I think at times she struggles more with the human side. I don’t want to give anything away, but I think that she definitely learns from the other characters how to be more humanlike. But especially in the beginning of the season, there is more of her alien side that she’s more in touch with, because she doesn’t act like a normal person. So a lot of her appearance and the way she acts I think is more alien-like, and even the way she speaks. But no, she definitely does. She loves them and she wants to be a much a part of the family as they want her to be a part of the family. But, like I said, it’s very interesting the dynamic of all the relationships together.

N: What has been your favorite part of the production thus far since joining the cast?

SB: I would definitely say working with such amazing cast and crew. It really was such a great experience. And the show itself is just so much fun. I feel very privileged to play Lexi, this alien hybrid with powers and all sorts of stuff going on. There is such a nature of it that, like I said, I couldn’t be more happy and pleased with how everything has turned out. I really hope the fans enjoy her as much as I’ve enjoyed playing her.

Falling Skies premieres tonight at 10/9c on TNT

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