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Internetiquette with Chris Hardwick


Our own Chris Hardwick offers tips on netiquette in this special online-only video from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Useful advice, plus dicks! And don’t forget to network with Chris on LinkedIn, because… no, on second thought, don’t do that. Really, just don’t.

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  1. -Di. says:

    I love the 1920’s gangster look. The tie was very nice.

    Based on the video, I am the only one NOT receiving photos of Mr. Hardwick’s man parts.

  2. Kati says:

    This just made me so happy

  3. Flatulator says:

    I’m sure Chris would have posted a picture of his dick, but he did not have access to the Hubble Telescope nor a scanning electron microscope.

  4. EWSentinel says:

    Dear Chris,

    Please send me a picture of your dick. Oh, it’s not for me! Twitter deleted my profile picture and I want express to them how ‘hard’ it is to find another picture. Is that wrong?

  5. Lilu2Go says:

    chris… shut up and show us your dick!

  6. Amanda says:

    HAHA, I love the rant against LinkedIn. It’s so earnest!

  7. sydney says:

    hehehe! i will take note to post more picks of my dick in the near future,, thanks chris 😉

  8. Tzvi says:

    fuck, what happened to my comma?

  9. Tzvi says:

    not everybody has a photogenic dick chris.

  10. Stefanie says:

    Well where’s the pic of your dick?

  11. gary limoge says:

    Yay for penis!

  12. Livius says:

    I love how these answers were so straight forward.