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Insane Stunt Involves a Pilot, Tightrope Walker, and Motorcycler

“Yeah, and then I’ll fly a plane underneath you as you walk across a tightrope, and then, as I’m coming in, he can do a backflip on his motorcycle over the top of me, and it will be so awesome!”

Is that: a) the rantings of an imaginative pre-teen, or b) the actual basis for a crazy ass stunt?

Somehow the answer is “b,” but these things do have to start somewhere, so we won’t rule out “a” just yet.

We came across this insane video at Sploid, and it’s one of those things we’re really glad we saw, even though it scares the hell out of us, because even after repeated viewings it still makes us gasp in horror. Heck, writing about it makes us nervous.

It involved stunt pilot Melissa Andrzejewski flying her small plane very low to the ground underneath Sketchy Andy Lewis as he walked across a highline. That alone would make for a great and terrifying spectacle, but right before the plane came in they had Jimmy Fitzpatrick fly across on his motorcycle while doing a backflip over the plane.

Now watch this carefully from all the cameras used, because that plane and that motorcycle are much closer to each other than it appears in some angles.

They proudly exclaimed that this successful stunt was a “world first.” Yeah, I can’t believe it either. You’re telling me no one ever thought to fly a plane under a tightrope while a motorcycle did a backflip over it before? Seems so obvious….

But, uh, don’t try to be the “world second.” These are obviously professionals with years of training and experience, who also happen to be totally nuts.

Which person had the most dangerous role here? Fly into our comments to tell us your thoughts.

Images: Melissa Andrzejewski

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