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If Disney Characters Were Jaeger Pilots in PACIFIC RIM

If Disney Characters Were Jaeger Pilots in PACIFIC RIM

Piloting a Jaeger isn’t simple, and it can’t be done solo. We learned about the dangers of heading out in the giant mechs alone in Pacific Rim as well as the importance of being drift compatible with your co-pilot. Artist Lou, a/k/a jiinsy, looked at that connection and wondered which characters in the wide world of Disney would make suitable Jaeger pilots.

She put serious thought into the pairings; some of the co-pilots are in romantic relationships and some are family. She explained her rational for putting characters together and gave them entertaining backstories. This could be the best fanfic ever written. For example, she says the following about Merida and Elinor:

… But when her father lost his leg and decided to go into early retirement she stepped up to the plate and found just what an amazing team she and her mother could make. Fergus coaches from the sidelines, but honestly the ladies know what they are doing and use their expertise in range weapons to protect the coasts in their Jaeger (Ursa Major).

I appreciate the detail that went into building the Disney Pan Pacific Defense Corps, and I hope the illustrations inspire a cosplay group because people dressed as Disney character Jaeger pilots is something we all need to see.

Do you agree with Lou’s pairings? Let us know in the comments!

HT: The Mary Sue

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  1. TargaryenGroupie says:

    I agree with all of them except Hans and Anna. NOPE. Elsa would be an infinitely better match. If not Elsa, maybe even Kristoff. But not Hans.This having been said, the art is fantastic.

  2. David Howard says:

    already posted b4 how cool this series of art is and suggested a few additions(disney and video game related) but another disney pair came to mind! w violet and dash parr’s entry, u established Edna Mode as a jaeger designer. so how about her best jaeger building team be Phineas and Ferb? they could also pilot a “back-up” jaeger of their own called “Carpe Diem”!

  3. Mark says:

    They should do one with the villains

    • David Howard says:

      Facilier(the “Shadowman” in the Princess & the Frog) and Jafar. jaeger: Black Magic

  4. Laura says:

    they should do more of these

  5. Daniel says:

    this is really cool

  6. Anna Rubino says:

    jiinsy kills it time & time again!

  7. Ethne says:

    I am in love with Lou’s pairings! The art is incredible! Now I need someone (may be Lou herself) to design the actual jaegers! I am in love with everything Pacific Rim and even though I don’t think I could pull a PacRim cosplay, I’m working on my own shirt designs inspired by the movie 🙂

  8. David Howard says:

    The pieces u have already done, and their stories, are awesome! And the pairings u have list for future are also very cool. Have u considered adding Woody(former rodeo cowboy) and Buzz(former astronaut)? And after your Disney series is complete, how about a new series of jaegers and pilots from video game franchises?
    Marshal of the new Atlantic shatterdome: Edward Kenway(father of Haytham) , commanding:
    Brother&sister Ezio and Claudia Auditore, jaeger: Assassin’s Creed.
    Father&son Haytham and Connor Kenway, jaeger: Hidden Blade.

  9. Johan says:

    I feel like Simba and Nala would have made a better match.

  10. Josh says:

    I think I see Aladdin, or maybe, uh….who are these Disney characters? Where the heck is Peter Pan and Wendy, or Snow White or Sleeping Beauty and her Prince? King Arthur and Merlin?

    I’d like to see these done again with classic Disney characters. Aladdin and Jasmine aside, oh, and I think I see Little Mermaid and her dude! Actually, I really just want to see Baloo and Mowgli as pilots!

  11. alyssa says:

    I feel like Elsa and Ana would have made a better match. But a beautiful concept and wonderfully executed!

  12. Gipsy Danger says:


    • SeraAmaranta says:

      It’s explained on their tumblr page. The story for them is that Elsa takes over after Hans screws them over.

  13. MissyZ says:

    It should be Anna and Elsa, not Anna and Mr. McCreep Prince!

  14. Katie says:

    Hans and Anna????? Noooooooooooooooo

  15. KingMengi says:

    I agree with all of them except the last one. Who would ever want to share minds with Hans? Anna and Elsa would obviously be a better mix.