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ICYMI: Will Ferrell to Stream on Twitch for Cancer Charity, RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS 2

While you’re taking your routine bathroom trip or food break away from playing Destiny, take a second and catch up on some of yesterday’s biggest gaming developments. As rumors of Minecraft being purchased by Microsoft have been stewing about on the web for the last couple of days, there’s been quite a few interesting things happening on the other side of the gaming world.

Will Ferrell hops on Twitch for a good cause.

Many celebrities have hopped on Twitch to interact with and entertain their fans, but Will Ferrell is taking things a step further and joining the ranks of comedians who have live-streamed gameplay. Ferrell plans to use Twitch as a platform to raise money for a cancer charity, and one lucky donor to his cause will be flown out to compete with Ferrell in a one-on-one gaming duel. Ferrell has already arranged an Indiegogo campaign that hopes to raise $375,000, so if you want a shot at playing against Ricky Bobby himself, head on over and make a donation of your own.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 coming in four weekly episodes

Not to be outdone by the current post-apocalyptic episodic champion known as Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead, Capcom is releasing Resident Evil Revelations, a four part episodic adventure that’s set to release in early 2015. It looks like this just may be the RE game to bring the scary back, with the last couple of titles being more action oriented. Probably the best part of this news, however, is that Claire Redfield will be making her return as a Resident Evil main protagonist.

Destiny makes $500 Million in 24 hours.

It looks like Destiny is living up to the hype, at least from a sales standpoint. The game brought in a whopping $500 million dollars in it’s first 24 hours on the market. Not quite the $800 Million that GTA V was able to muster up in its first 24 hours, but still an extremely impressive feat in it’s own right.

Nintendo is releasing three themed 3DS XLs.

If you still have yet to join in on the streetpass collecting fun of owning a 3DS XL, there are three themed versions of the portable coming this holiday that may intrigue you. We already knew about the Super Smash Bros. 3DS from last month, and yesterday Nintendo announced both NES and Persona Q-themed 3DS XL systems, set to release in October. Neither of the themed 3DS XL units come with a game, which is a bummer of sorts, but the nostalgia factor of the NES-themed variation is definitely enough to warrant a purchase.

That about wraps it for yesterday in gaming. Always keep it parked here on Nerdist for all of the juicy video game developments, and to chat about our beloved medium, I’m only one tweet away: @Malik4play.

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