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I Decapitated Animal

This is actually a backpack, but it REALLY looks like I took his head and displayed it on stage in some weird Muppet sacrifice ceremony. It’s a wonderful example of photos in the newly formed Nerdist in Seattle Flickr Pool.

If you attended the Showbox performance and snapped pics, by all means upload and share them there!

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  1. Nick. says:

    Am I the only one laughing at how cross eyed animal is?

  2. DIEmuppetsDIE says:

    That looks like the head of Kermets secret lover

    You did it Chris HardDick you have made the Role of Hamlets fathers homo ghost

  3. SamEyeAm says:

    It was only a matter of time until Chris released the Kraken.

  4. Scott says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but if you’re going to take some head from Electric Mayhem…I’d choose head from Janis!

  5. Mel says:

    hah, superbly awesome!

    And, I agree with all the comments about the wonderfulness that is your arms, also. ;P

  6. Amanda says:

    Damn forearms! Looks like you could rip Animal’s head off with your bare hands. Or as my inner nerd would say, I have a fervent appreciation for the hypertrophy of your extensor digitorum.

  7. Abbey says:



  8. Patti Brown says:

    I don’t blame you, Margie. He is a beautiful man. Chris, you need to come to Michigan. I have cookies! 🙂

  9. margie anthony says:

    🙂 Thank you, Kyle.

    in this case, i am grateful for the ability to see things i can’t unsee! and my social ineptitude, that made me read fifty six pages of “the stars in their courses” while sitting next to you waiting for the show to start. i mean, i apologize profusely to Chris. i should have been more tactful, but he gave me butterflies the size of Mothra.

    Also, my thought process crashed from the overload of inappropriately naughty scenarios that sent my mind warp driven through the membrane to act out in a parallel universe. I just about passed out ala the communion scene in the classic 1985 movie “Heaven help us” when he unzipped and sexily stroked two fingers in and out.

    i was sucked into this vacuum. where all i could hear was his awesome singing voice, and all i could see was his wonderfully beautiful being. nothing/no one else existed.

    honestly, all i have to do is close my eyes.

    Yay! for indelible imagery burnt into gray matter!

  10. Kyle says:

    I was sitting next to you, and sad to say I was laughing way too hard to even consider taking a picture of him doing that. Don’t think my wife got a picture of it either.

  11. Patti Brown says:

    Haha, I like the “To be or not to be” mention. Great pic, Chris! Thanks for sharing, and thanks to whoever took it!

  12. margie anthony says:

    😉 @Ben Udashen

    #1 “what happens when you assume?”

    #2 did you happen to take any pictures of when he stood in front of me and unzipped his zipper? i was too busy burning the imagery into my fantasy file hard drive. *wipes drool off of chin, bites lower lip, and stares off satisfactorily to a far away place, then sighs with a brilliantly goofy grin/smile that can be seen from alpha centauri, where tomorrow is yesterday.

  13. margie anthony, The Chris Hardwick Zipper Inspector/Muppet Cloner says:

    in a parallel universe, chris hardwick has the extraordinary capacity of regeneration.

    thankfully, his larger chromosomal henson genome ‘animal! ha! ha! ha!’ shows prominence over his smaller hick/red neck mitochondrial genome in this particular case study.

  14. whwaeverwhatever says:

    i hate chris hardwick. oh why am i hear so he can hear hate .and i hate u to who asked the question screw u…(freedom of phony expression right)?

  15. Marie says:

    What Ainslee said…

  16. alex says:

    VICTORY IS….yours!

  17. ShaunWilliamCallahan says:

    hmmm sadly I was way in the back at the show… but when I saw Chris here, I couldn’t help but think..

    “To be or not to be…”


  18. Ben Udashen says:

    I was a row behind that girl at the show. I actually just assumed she was a mad muppet lunatic. Color me impressed.

    Also, the show was pretty good too.

  19. Ainslee Lara says:

    Wow. Leave it to me to be the first with a dirty comment:

    Looks like Animal is busting out of your pants.

  20. Check out the ripped arms on Chris there. Holding up that extremely heavy backpack/head. Perhaps those are what arms are supposed to look like holding a backpack, mine have a covering of fat so, I might just be a tiny bit jealous, of the look, not the strength, Mikey still strong….

    That is a sweet looking photo. Looks like some sort of Muppet Alice Cooper concert. I saw Chris Live at ACME in Minneapolis, so I bet the show was wonderful. I know I laughed my ass off.

    I blame this post on my lack of sleep. Your welcome.

  21. margie anthony says:

    Relax, that was not a decapitation! it was merely a failed result of the early stages of my secret muppet cloning research. ahhh, crap!

  22. brent says:

    The drummer from Def Leppard suddenly doesnt feel so bad. Ohhh….too soon?

  23. Keri says:

    No poor Animal!!! You farging Bastiges.

  24. mtoth says:

    That is a awesome backpack