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Hydraulic Press Turns Foot-Destroying LEGOs into Plastic Pancakes

If you have kids, or have simply visited a house full of them, you know the pain of stepping on a bunch of LEGOs. Those stupid little blocks with their stupid jagged edges cause a disproportionate amount of pain relative to their stupid size.

Well for all of us that have ever dropped a bunch of curses in a child’s playroom after experiencing the pain of “finding some,” this is quite the cathartic video: a hydraulic press crushing a bunch of LEGOs.

That’s right, our favorite YouTube destruction account is back, as the Hydraulic Press Channel flattened some LEGO toys to show that while they may win when humans step on them, they lose when they are under a machine.

And how! After the first true survival from the hydraulic press, the LEGO man jumping for his life, everything went smoothly. Gone were those sharp corners and pegs, and all that was left were flat pieces of plastic. This is like if The LEGO Movie were made by Wes Craven.

That wasn’t the only video recently from my favorite laughing husband and wife team (their cackling is like 50% of what makes these things so amazing), as they also showed us what happens when a bowling pin and a bowling ball go under the press.

I swear, I thought the bowling ball was going to put up the best fight yet, and instead it exploded almost instantly. That was amazing. Crushing things for fun can still be informative.

Oh, and it’s nice to know that they do take safety (somewhat) seriously, as the presence of the blast shield in this video proves.

Hydraulic press, please keep crushing things forever. And please keep making those two giggle in delight.

What do you want to see next under the press? Tell us in the comments below.

Image: Hydraulic Press Channel

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