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Hurricane Irene Somehow Sparks DC News Reporter’s Social Media Rant

I. Love. This. Hey! Why not turn a storm watch report into a personal pulpit for family members and social media??

And seriously, STOP ASKING ABOUT HIS PROTECTED TWEETS. Oh, and hello Carrie. I hope you have enough tuna fish and peanut butter sandwiches. They’ll be a welcome treat for daddy while he’s unemployed and mad at Twitter.

PS – There was a devastating hurricane; death, debris, destruction, blah blah blah. Back to you guys!

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  1. Dangalff says:

    Where’s ollie the weather man when you need him


  2. P.S. My poor use of grammar in my previous comment is noted and I am sorry. It is late.

  3. This was like his first week at his new Gig in D.C. He left us this gem a few months back while he was working here in Seattle, he was shooting a stand up and when a fight broke after a drug deal went wrong and he ran in to “Break It Up”. I love how he yells “Get Video!” to his photog before he runs into frame and does a barrel pulling the guy off of the other, in one of the most infective fight breaking up moves ever. Also while he was rolling around on the ground the guy in the beanie cap steals his keys at around 1:11, which coincidentally is about the same time in the train starts to come off the rails in the hurricane video

  4. Mel says:

    oh man! this is what I get for not watching the weather during the hurricane, I have to see the local news on Nerdist. (note to self, skip the news more often!)

  5. Matt says:

    It’s funny, but I really wouldn’t call it a rant. I have to agree with Jordan here: He just had 3 minutes to fill and nothing to actually report on. If that was a crazy rant, they would have cut him off long before the 3 minute mark.

  6. Jordan says:

    This is my local news team. I was watching them during the storm. Missed this one, but at another point in the evening, this same reporter was basically chastising these people who were out walking their dog. He was holding a fallen branch and shook it at the people telling them they could’ve been “hit upside the head” with it. He then pulled up the rain coat the dog was wearing (not something I condone – dogs wearing clothing, that is) exposing it’s hind quarters to the rain and wind. It was an odd thing to watch. I just think there wasn’t much to report on, and he had to fill 3 minutes or so with no new information. But it was weird.

  7. Kiala says:

    You guys. Un-protecting your tweets is just…ugh…people don’t know. First, you have to sacrifice a goat, then you have to warm up the tweet machine which takes HOURS, and finally after you complete the (very expensive) necromancy, you have to solve the riddle and the riddle is always different yet STILL THE SAME.

    It’s just impossible, okay?

  8. Sierra Houk says:

    It’s no wonder why they send him out to report in shitty weather all day… He is a man with his priorities straight who knows what’s important.

  9. sydney says:

    oh god this is great XD <3