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Humble Bundle

Oi! You! Yes, you! You want to help charity right? And want some DRM free games? Then you need to check out the Humble Bundle.

“But Patrick!” I hear you cry, “How much for a copy of Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, VVVVVV, Hammerfight and And Yet It Moves?”. “Get out of my house!” I reply. It’s Pay What You Want. You want to be a cheap bastard and give them $0.01? You can. Want to challenge Notch and Gary Newman for the top of the donation lists like last time? Then you need a couple of thousand. It got to $1000.04, won by “What nextGarry?”.

“But Patrick! I hate Windows and only support open source project and none of these will work on my Linux machine?” Dear reader, you are a fool. Because not only do you get a copy for Windows, you’ll even get a copy for Mac AND Linux. “What about it being Open Source?” says you. Well, you might have me there. The original bundle had all the source released (but not the assets so you couldn’t steal the games). I’m unsure if that’s happening this time.

I own all but one of these games (but haven’t got around to playing any of them, but we’ve just got out of the Steam Sale. I HAVE TOO MANY GAMES NOW). I’m going to buy a bundle anyway, because I like giving money to charity, and I like the lack of DRM. Go and give them your money.

UPDATE: Due to it making lotsalotsa money, you now also get a copy of Steel Storm: Retribution! Come on, guys, 6 games at Pay What You Want? Even if you’re a cheapskate and only pay $1, you can’t miss out on this.

WHY ARE THEY ADDING MORE STUFF!? UPDATE 2: Okay, not only did you get 5 games, not only did you get a trial of Minecraft, not only did they add a new game for you, but now you get the last Humble Bundle as well. YOU NOW HAVE NO EXCUSES. Gorrammit, Wolfire, this isn’t my site! If it were, then adding these would be simple, but I have to send it to the editor so he can update the page. Think of me! Stop making this wonderful deal even more wonderful!

Patrick Rose is general editor over at How To Play and isn’t a cheapskate and thinks you shouldn’t just pay $0.01 because you can. He’s still doing the Song A Day Challenge as well.

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  2. snap says:

    the humble bundles have been absolutely awesome value, more things like this should be done. I’m sure a lot of people give minimum but more will be reaching deep to help a good cause.

  3. julien says:

    It’s absolutely worth the 10$ I gave.
    I played mostly to Revenge of the Titan (still nearly 10 other games to try out :))

  4. paul says:

    The indie bundle has always been great. I’ve bought the past two and, while I haven’t played every game in each pack, I’ve gotten more than my $10 worth out of them. Seriously though, guys, if you give less than a buck then not only are you being kind of a douche but you actually end up costing them money in transaction fees.