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How Will You Spend the Apocalypse?

Many of you are aware that the world will end in four days. For those who don’t know, the bible “clearly states” that the world’s destruction begins on May 21, 2011. Don’t worry, we won’t all die on Saturday. God will begin Earth’s slow demise on May 21 and will continue for five months until the world is completely obliterated by October 22.

Bilboards have been sprouting up all over and I have been blogging about this for a little while now. There are people so convinced of this impending doom they have even gone so far as to quit their jobs.

But I’m even more curious what these believers will be saying on Sunday…you know…if we all make it. Fingers crossed!

My money’s still on the Mayans.

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  1. K2thM says:

    If it was taken in context we wouldn’t have the current paranoia about the impending Rapture.

    So yes things would be different.

  2. paul says:

    Maybe everyone can just ignore that last comment? I’m super-tired, which apparently turns me into some sort of stoner-philosopher.

  3. paul says:

    Man, every time I see that billboard I can’t help but read it in a local car-salesman commercial voice. “The rapture’s gonna happen May 21 and it’ll be ka-raaaazeee! I gar-own-tee it!”

    But it’s easy to take cheap shots at a bunch of fanatics. Easy, and a little mean, too.

    I think it’d be nice if all us non-crazies took May 21 to think about what’s really important to us. If the world really was ending, who would you want to be with? What stuff would you most regret losing? What things would you regret not having done while you had time? I’d be surprised if these aren’t things the rapturists have been thinking about A LOT lately.

  4. LesserBeing says:

    If it was in context would that change anything? short answer: nope

  5. K2thM says:

    All this is based off of taking a single verse out of context.

  6. Avery Demarais says:

    ill be over Chuck Norris’s house…ill be safe…and ill live forever lmao

  7. tom mitchell says:

    Don’t worry folks we’ll be fine, as long as Baldr is still every thing is cool…wait what , he did, oh crap.

  8. hupkm says:



  9. smartbunny says:

    Why won’t any of these people give me all their stuff? (pout)

  10. Magnoliafan says:

    The Rapture is about as real as God, Tooth Fairy, and Thor.

  11. Michael Bird says:

    My birthday is October 23. I’m not supposed to take that personally?

  12. Mickey Bruce says:

    I may be wrong, but I think the first line of R.E.M.’s It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) is… “That’s great, it starts with an earthquake”… so wouldn’t it be kind of funny if Michael Stipe turned out to be smarter than most Christians?

  13. my-name-here says:

    Celebrating National Masturbation Month of course…

  14. morphoyle says:

    If I remember Sunday school, the bible states that no mortal can know when Judgement day will happen, so either Family Radio is immortal, or just nuts. My money is on the latter.

  15. Bo Dixen Pedersen says:

    It seems that cults cope with disappointment regarding the apocalypse surprisingly well.

    Many times the end of times has been predicted and not happened and it seems the cult just continues or evolves or simply moves the dates.

    Deconversion do not seem to factor that much into this equation.

  16. I managed to get that Saturday off – lol.

  17. Louis O'Raga says:

    Frankly in this economy, I could use people quitting because of the apocalypse.

    It’s hard in the job market.

  18. Greg R says:

    Good thing I’ll be at a bachelor party all weekend. If the world ends Saturday (which it won’t), at least I’ll be drinking and partying with friends. Come Sunday though, I’ll probably be wishing that the world ended because I’ll have one hell of a hang over.

  19. Flairtoo says:

    I plan on calling every local radio station to request a certain Blondie song.

  20. FGLC says:

    in arriving in Tahiti at 5 am.. i hope it happens at like noon… you know a few nice hours then bam all gone… really why did this even get posted?

  21. SlimCharles says:

    Oh, c’mon, end of the world 2 days before my birthday?!? that sucks.

  22. Bish24 says:

    I will be looking for these folks and asking if I can have their stuff, notably a bigger TV and XBOX. Thanks Jesus!

  23. LesserBeing says:

    really? no, really? oh well, Big C on Fri then the end of the world. works for me.
    See you all on sunday i’ll be the one laughing at churches