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How Will Marvel Resolve the Hydra Captain America Story?

For over a year, Marvel’s Hydra Cap storyline has enraged many fans of the original Captain America, Steve Rogers. As depicted in the build up to Secret Empire, Cap’s past was cosmically rewritten so that he was always a Hydra secret agent. Along the way, the fan-favorite Marvel hero has gotten a lot of blood on his hands, including one of his beloved sidekicks and the entire city of Las Vegas. Is there any way for Cap to be redeemed? Why, yes there is! And today’s Nerdist News is providing a potential answer…

Secret Empire featured

Join Nerdist Science Editor and Chris Hemsworth’s alternate Earth doppelganger, Kyle Hill, as he joins forces with Senior editor and Muskwatch co-host, Ultimate Dan Casey, to share one of the wildest Secret Empire theories to date. There are spoilers ahead for Secret Empire through the current issues. You’ve been warned!

The first thing to remember is that the Marvel multiverse as we knew it was destroyed in Secret Wars. Some of the alternate worlds have returned or been restored by Reed and Susan Richards, but not the Ultimate Universe. You may have noticed that there have been a lot of refugees from the Ultimate Universe in the new MCU, like Miles Morales, Jimmy Hudson, and the creepy/evil Reed Richards known as the Maker. But what if the biggest refugee was in front of us all along?

Captain America: Steve Rogers

That’s right, we think that Hydra Cap is none other than Ultimate Captain America. He may even believe that he is our Captain America, but he’s really not our Steve Rogers. Considering that there’s a second Steve Rogers running around in the MCU, that’s not very far fetched at all. It could even be an elegant way of getting the real Cap absolved of the atrocities committed in his name by Hydra Cap.  It would also set up an epic Cap vs. Cap fight to close out the event.

What do you think about our Secret Empire theory? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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