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How Much is That Wonder Woman in the Window? Actress Gal Gadot Tells All

Ever since the news broke in early December that Israeli actress Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious 6) would be joining Man of Steel 2: Justice Leaguelectric Boogaloo as Wonder Woman, we’ve found ourselves with an ever-increasing amount of questions on our hands. Was she signed to a multi-picture deal? Is this a backdoor Justice League film? How long was that runway in Fast & Furious 6 anyway? It’s a veritable whirlwind of rumors, white noise, and braying about which actor is likely playing which person in a film that just got delayed to 2016. At long last we have answers to some of our questions and they come from an awfully reliable source — Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman herself.

In an appearance on Israeli television show Good Evening with Gai Pines, Gadot revealed some surprising new details about her Wonder Woman role and the nature of her contract with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment. Scouring the digital streets of Gotham, Batman-News was the first to break the news that Gadot will receive $300,000 for her appearance in Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman/Whatever This Is Really Called, and that it will be the first of three movies as Wonder Woman under her current contract. Here’s hoping that at least one of those is a Wonder Woman standalone film.

Perhaps Gadot didn’t realize that this clip would make its way to the Internet — although that seems a crazy notion in and of itself — but we’re certainly glad that she did. The contractual side of things, particularly around massive franchises like DC Entertainment’s catalog, are often shrouded in secrecy, so it’s a breath of fresh air to hear her speak openly about it. Gadot also mentioned that the project will begin filming in May, a result of the revised production schedule after last week’s announced production delay. Who knows what will come out of Gadot’s mouth between now and May 2016? Regardless, we’ll be listening intently to the newly crowned Diana Prince.

HT: Batman-News, The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. poiboy says:

    has the bone rack eaten a few sandwiches yet to fill out the body she should have?? oh well.

  2. BenV says:

    I’m still less concerned with who’s playing WW than I am with who’s writing and directing the movies. I don’t think Whedon’s the only one who could, but if he were, I wouldn’t worry. Zack Snyder…

  3. mobber says:

    Back when Josh Whedon was doing a wonder woman movie, I was hoping he’d bring back Morena Baccarin from Firefly to be her…

  4. Don says:

    @Jim Do you say things like that because your an ignorant [email protected]$$

  5. Jerry says:

    $300,000?! thats it!?