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Houston, Dallas, Go! To the Nerdist Podcast Live, Coming In July

Did you listen to the Nerdist Podcast Live from Austin today? Did you hear Chris mention in response to a Quemment that there might just be a return visit to Texas in order, this time to Houston and Dallas?

Here’s the deal: Chris, Jonah, and Matt will be bringing the majesty of the Nerdist Podcast Live to Fitzgerald’s in Houston, Texas on Friday, July 20th at 6 pm CDT. They’ll be upstairs on Fitzgerald’s main stage counteracting the heat and humidity of a July night with their special brand of coolness (he said, aware of the metaphoric torture involved in that sentence). And then, the Terrific Trio will be heading to Dallas on Saturday, July 21st at 8 pm CDT to offer their special brand of comedy and podcastishness at the South Side Music Hall.

What you need to know: Tickets for both shows go on sale to the general public on Friday, March 30th at 10 am CDT, but you loyal Nerdist readers will be able to buy tickets tomorow, Thursday, March 29th in a pre-sale 10 am-10 pm CDT; use the password NERDIST.

And the links, to be clicked at the appropriate ticket sale times:

Click here to buy tickets for Houston

Click here to buy tickets for Dallas

Chris, Jonah, and Matt, back in Texas for shows in Houston on July 20th and Dallas on July 21st. Maybe Jonah will remember to bring his swim trunks this time.

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  1. Chris K says:

    Just bought 3 tickets and PSYCHED you are coming to H-Town.

  2. JE Smith says:

    Woohoo! Tickets ordered!

  3. brennan says:

    Psyched about Houston! Tertiary markets FTW!

  4. Hunter says:

    I’ll be there…just got tickets

  5. Aaron says:

    I was wondering what I would be wiggin’ out over in anticipation for July – this wins.

  6. BigLance says:

    Robin, it doesn’t matter. Buy the tickets. You never know if it’s hostful or guestful. It’s always amazeballs.

  7. robin says:

    How do these shows work? Do y’all have a guest or is it just the 3 of you chatting about things? 🙂

  8. Alyson says:

    So excited y’all are coming back to Texas! July cannot get here soon enough!

  9. so wish i wasnt lazy says:

    i so wish i wasnt lazy

  10. Cyrus says:

    Can’t wait for the Dallas show. Was sad I missed you in Austin.

  11. laanba says:

    Yay! I’m all over the Houston show. Woo hoo!

  12. Veronica says:

    So glad I don’t have to drive back to Austin (not that it mattered). Can’t wait for the Dallas show! Just sad I can’t get tickets this week.

  13. Come back to Colorado; I forgot to buy tickets when you came to Boulder.

    Or you could just come hang out at my house. I’ll make punch.

    Matt isn’t allowed to come though.

  14. Nick H says:

    Thank you guys so much! Finally I can see a good show without having to leave Houston!