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House Explained! Sort Of.

Asian House

Anyone who knows me knows I love ol’ George House, especially when he’s leaning on a crutch to Huang Huang.

I’m not 100% sure where this ran but I have my suspicions (I’m looking at YOU, China). Of course, bad translation is always hilarious. ALWAYS. But in reality, I don’t even have the ability to draw a Chinese character, much less assemble a bunch of them to form poor sentences. All Asian letters just looks like pieces of Wheat Chex to me, so I gotta lotta nerve harshin’ on their English skillz.

Though, to be fair, I don’t get paid to translate things for large companies, like the lunatic who had the won tons to accept Yuan for this hatchet job.

via BuzzFeed

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  1. summer says:

    well, he IS a perfect intuitive diagnosis were excellent.

  2. Adam Salzer says:

    Treasury Di Lisa is my favorite character on the show.

    I’m surprised they got Wilson’s name right.

  3. Jetpackmedia says:

    It’s – it was mispelled in an earlier post.

  4. Noah says:

    Do you think “Guaizhang” will be able to diagnose the idiot that translated this?

  5. is pretty much all Japanese stuff though. Funny though. Love that site.

  6. Deltus says:

    I liking the happy for dog entry in cyberspace. Your good to a funny bite on translation makes happiness with erection.

  7. Kryptonzero says:

    Let me draw your attention to

    probably the best bad translation site that I know of.

  8. Andy says:

    This is actually the product of a translation tool, like Google Translate.

    If you use a translation tool to convert text from English to another language, and then back to English, the results you get will be similar.

  9. Trude says:

    LOVE when this happens. You can’t make this shit up! 🙂

  10. chinawhite says:

    It is just Chinglish….

    Jacket covers all read like that….

    The person who did that probably works 12 hours a day and puts out 20,000 bootleg DVDs and makes 250 bucks a month.

    Check out for moronic use of Chinese by western folks….

    Head to David Feng on Flickr or for much funnier stuff…

  11. Kendall says:

    I’ve never watched the show, but would watch it in a heartbeat if they translated it into Chinese and then back to English. That would be some fantastic dialogue!

  12. drenaylor says:

    Its GREGORY House. Not George.

  13. gigi says:

    what i don’t get is this was originally written in english, yes? so for what purpose was it translated BACK into english from whatever language?? i’m confused

  14. The House says:

    Seems like a spot-on translation.