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Hot Topic Announces DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS-Inspired Collection

The DC Comics Bombshells line has taken an unconventional path. The characters started as statues designed by Ant Lucia for DC Collectibles. Fans reacted so positively to the figures that DC launched an ongoing Bombshells comic inspired by collectibles in August 2015 by writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Marguerite Sauvage. And now, the characters have made the leap from the page to the racks at Hot Topic. The retailer has released a fashion line inspired by the characters’ outfits in the series; it’s split between items that would fall in the casual/closet cosplay category and everyday apparel.

The bold offerings are influenced heavily by the comics. The line includes a Wonder Woman top and shorts (sold separately), a Batwoman dress (my personal favorite from the line), a Batwoman cap, a Harley Quinn bomber style jacket featuring the Joker on the back, and a fancy Poison Ivy dress that has a more subtle design featuring vines and the Bat symbol. All of these would be fantastic choices for convention outfits or any other nerdy events you might be attending–like Free Comic Book Day!

Take a look:

You could totally pair the Wonder Woman shirt with jeans or a pencil skirt for a more casual, less costume-y look.

Leap to the gallery below to see more snazzy offerings from this collection. You can shop the line at Hot Topic’s website or in retail stores.

Which Bombshells pieces do you plan on buying? Head to the comments and tell me your wish list.

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