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Hot Ball O’ Bees!

Sorry, I can’t resist any story that’s about a “hot defensive bee ball.”

Popular Science has a report about how Japanese honeybees deal with the Asian giant hornet, their natural predator. The hornets are a lot larger than the bees, so the bees have developed a defensive strategy that works even better than the Ryan Howard Shift (baseball reference). Here’s what the bees do: They swarm the hornet, surrounding it, and move so frenetically that they cook the hornet inside the ball o’ bees. A HOT BALL O’ BEES! It’s brutal, scary, AND cool.  If they surround a burrito, I bet they could cook it like a microwave.

The moral of this story: Um, I don’t know. Stay away from Japanese honeybees if you’re a large predator. Better yet, just stay away from bees, period. (One of my only two bee stings came when I did what they say to do and just let the bee be; the f’er landed on my chest and stung me anyway) Leave bees to the experts, preferably experts in comical beekeeper outfits with massive hats covered in white mesh. They know what to do.

HT: Popular Science

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  1. Josh says:

    Guys, don’t let Japanese honeybees do that to your testicles. The heat isn’t good for your sperm count.

  2. Jason G says:

    This is indeed the time of year for Good defensive B-Ball.

  3. uncanny expat says:

    Stay away from those hornets, too. They’re enormous and potentially deadly. Even a person with no existing allergy, if stung once, can develop dangerous allergic reactions to future stings.

    Um.. the more you know :::☆

  4. twoballsfloating says:

    The Matrix is run by bees

  5. SayntMykl says:

    Yes, but could one ENJOY a burrito cooked by bees?