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Horrifying Emoting Robot Baby Will Destroy Us All

I have looked into the darkness of the void.


I have seen the unholy fate that awaits mankind at the end of its hubristic path of arrogance.


I have seen terror that no man can return from.


I have seen this robot, with its lifelike baby face that can emote, and I have seen my end.


No, this isn’t funny. Look at this hell spawn, with its reactions, and its eyes, looking into your very soul, aware of your darkest secrets. I have seen our future–it is now, and it is bleak.

If you aren’t quite as horrified of this thing (like you should be), you might be interested to know it was funded by the National Science Foundation, with the head created by David Hanson of Hanson Robotics, mounted on a body made by the robotics company Kokoro. It was designed to serve “cognitive A.I. and human-robot interaction research,” and, my god, it does that.

With high definition cameras in the eyes, Diego San sees people, gestures, expressions, and uses A.I. modeled on human babies, to learn from people, the way that a baby hypothetically would.

It can learn. Like a real baby. God forgive us all.

Sadly, the history books will show no record of David Hanson or Kokoro or anyone involved in this project, because no human will be around to write them. Our legacy will only be found in the whispers of the winds as they gently sweep over the robo-baby overlords we created–to destroy us. (But maybe I’m exaggerating.)

What are your thoughts on this creepy, lifelike baby robot? Tell us in the comments below and then start canning food and water.

HT: Laughing Squid
Images: Hanson Robotics

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