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Honest Trailers Takes a Second Violent Stab At GAME OF THRONES

“From the network whose content you love thanks to someone else’s HBO GO password comes two more seasons of the show that used violence and bewbs to trick non-nerds into liking fantasy.”

The Screen Junkies are back for another cruel swing of the sword with a second Honest Trailer for Game of Thrones, this time focusing on the increasing insanity of seasons four and five (though they managed to get in season six premiere’s final scene, which found a way to make one of the show’s biggest calling cards–nudity–less scintillating).

Now that they mention it, television’s “most expensive looking Renaissance Faire” has become a little less realistic, and a bit more like some “crazy heavy metal album art.” Dragons, giants, mammoths, and an undead army of icemen will do that. Also, we’re going to need way more of all of those things going forward.

We also are rooting for Ramsay Bolton to get the same type of ending that King Justin Bieber did at his wedding, but it’ll probably be other, awesome characters that the show manages to find “new and exciting ways” to kill off. Be careful Ser Davos!

While everyone jumped on the bandwagon and now loves a show that “constantly makes you want to kill yourself,” at least we can all find enjoyment in Petyr Baelish’s ever-changing accent. But, it wouldn’t exactly kill Daenerys to hurry the hell up and leave Slaver’s Bay, you know? We’re running out of time here, Khaleesi! Winter is coming!

You should also watch their first Honest Trailer for the show from a couple of years ago.

This show sure does love naked people.

What’s the most honest element of this trailer? Tell us in the comments below.

Have questions about that Melisandre scene from Sunday? We have answers!

Image: HBO

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