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Highlights And Trailers From Saturday Night’s VGX Show

Highlights And Trailers From Saturday Night’s VGX Show

The VGX awards show that took place last night was a stride in a new, weird direction for the ceremony, mainly because it didn’t feel like a ceremony at all: There was no audience, no central stage, and the event’s presentation was similar to that of a three hour live phone-in charity drive, as opposed to a video game awards show. That said, there were still a ton of interesting moments and awesome trailers that flared up throughout the live stream, and we’ve compiled them all here for those of you who missed the event and want to get up to speed:

World Premiere of Thief


Beautiful Quantum Break Gameplay Reveal


Long-Awaited South Park: The Stick Of Truth Trailer 


Reggie Fils-Aime’s super awkward Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Demo


Double Fine’s new point and click title Broken Age


Trailer for intriguing new indie title No Man’s Sky


A deeper look at Tom Clancy’s The Division


Very cool demonstration of Dying Light


Interview with Respawn’s Vince Zampella on Titanfall


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt teases once again


Of the highlights above, one of my personal favorite moments happened in the super awkward Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze demo when Joel McHale randomly asked Reggie Fils-Aime his thoughts on the Wii U’s competitors (Xbox One and PlayStation 4). Reggie, being the stellar mouthpiece that he is, didn’t hesitate to provide McHale with an answer, but the other individuals on set had very perturbed looks on their face as the question was blurted out, and seeing their reaction was priceless.

What should have been highlights of the evening but got put on the back burner due to the live stream’s theatrics were Grand Theft Auto V‘s game of the year honors and Naughty Dog’s studio of the year honors, great recognition for two great games that unfortunately came and went like a whisper in the wind amongst the oddly structured VGX cyclone.


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  1. CJ says:

    VGX was Spike TV (their parent company Viacom) latest example of “cost cutting” …. the Video Game awards (just like the Scream Awards) was a ceremony for the fans ….it was also the place to premiere games & game consoles for a television audience (now we get 1 hour with no live audience – just taped interviews lasting 5 minutes with a 2 minute game trailer – how fucked off is that?) – oh well take what you can get !

  2. JES NELSON says:

    I brought my BF to the 10:30 show in Minneapolis on Friday. You guys were great- it as all what we hoped it to be. I apologize for the “Samantha” and the other guy. Bah… My BF Erik, had just celebrated his 10th year of being sober (the show was his gift) So it was inspiring for him to see Chris…being sober and so successful. Thnk you guys again for coming to the Tundra- we love you even more now.

  3. Smiles says:

    Lookin’ forward to Broken Age.

  4. What Happened To The Quements says:

    According to the internet the show and Mchale in specific bombed hard.