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Hidden Secrets of LOST (The Box Set)

If LOST had lips, I'd never work up the courage to kiss it.

It’s been about a week since the Lost box set has come out. Enough time to finish all 5252 episodic minutes along with all the extra features. I’ll assume each and every single one of you has done so. You’ve read the pull out thing-y with your black light. The stone pieces reflected a distorted version of your smile as you set them on the board to a game you don’t know how to play. You got frustrated trying to roll up Jacob’s message in the ankh, which was nothing but gibberish symbols that meant nothing. You are done. You’ve finished all that is Lost: The Complete Collection on blu ray or dvd. Or have you?


(That is my typographical interpretation of the theme music.)

Continue on to get mind fingered. WARNING: SPOILERS!

So you got answers to things you didn’t care about, Walt is infecting your dreams again, and you teared up during the behind the scenes stuff. Time to pack it up. That’s everything. WRONG! You didn’t think the people behind the most picked apart series ever would spoon feed you all of the extras, did you?

Grab your black light and go at that map like a forensic investigator goes after people stains at a motel murder scene. Do you see the heart of the island? Of course you do. You did this already. It’s beautiful isn’t it? Like a holographic Mew. Anyone a member of the Pokemon League circa 2000? Take notice of the arrows and turn the map accordingly. Some of you are going, “Duh! Idiot. Shut up. Like, whatever.” The rest of you are going, “Holy Smoke Monsters! A hidden disc! I could have went years without finding this!”

There’s a hidden disc in the lid. How freaking cool is that?! Plenty of more things to geek out about, until you’ve hit play on everything. Then, that…is…it. Done. There couldn’t possibly be more. WRONG AGAIN! There are a ton of easter eggs throughout this thing!

You could try to find them all on your own like I did. (I failed.) On the other hand, you could go to Annie Chu’s complete list at the Examiner. She does a wonderful job of exposing all the secrets, I think. If more popped up on some other list, I wouldn’t be surprised. Lost is pretty much a giant middle finger pointed straight at you. Are we sadists for enjoying Lost so much? Eh, who gives two farts? Have fun.

See you in another life, brotha.

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  1. annie says:

    does anyone know where can i find the Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to LOST ” full episode” ? I have been looking all over the web. No luck

  2. Koowie says:

    Love the box set. This will be a good summer watch.

  3. Mrs. Q. says:

    Thank goodness. Just got my box set as a gift and my son was getting super annoyed with no game instructions. Just dug that out of the lid and now he’s super annoyed that he has to wait for me to watch the dang thing. Can’t win…

  4. Nick says:

    That’s cool. It’s always nice when the box set, or any release is something special.

  5. Jonathan says:

    @Liz, Apparently if you go to the right kind of place, you can trade in all your old seasons for the box set and pay less. At least that’s what Chris Gore always says to do with that kind of stuff on DVDuesday.

  6. Liz says:

    Shit… so what about us losers that bought each season as it released? We don’t get the secret bonus disc in the lid?! We don’t get the extra-extras!? I am tearing up now… no, wait… I’m sobbing… WHY?! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?! TELL ME WHAT TO DO! Ah, crap… gonna hang myself in a hotel room now… take me back to island please…

  7. Danny Damore says:

    I don’t have the box set but I think this is part of the Epilogue that came with it:

    New Man in Charge

  8. Chappers says:

    Well said, Rhacodactylus. Before the series ended, I had planned to buy the box set, to go back and witness how they’d had a plan all along… to see the answers in the making. Now, knowing that none of it means anything, and they pulled the “The island has a giant stone tampon” thing out of thin air, I’m not interested, no matter how much secret bonus crap they throw in.

  9. my-name-here says:

    Just ordered mine…. I’m excite.

  10. Does the box set come with a less insulting ending? That’s the special feature I would most like t see.

  11. Marley Gilliam says:

    Know what else? The box set came out on Walt’s birthday, August 24th. Clever release date.