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Hey Look, It’s The First GAME OF THRONES Season 4 Trailer

After posting a series of Vine videos to make us bleed in anticipation, HBO has released the first trailer for the next season of Game Of Thrones.

Judging by the looks of things, we’re in for another heartstring-tugging thrill ride packed with plenty more violence, sex and despair. April 6th is the date you want to lock into your calendars for the season premiere, but if you can’t wait to get that sour taste from the end of last season off of your tongue, then you’ll definitely want to see what’s in store in the trailer below:

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  1. Matt says:

    I really hope the comment above is a joke.

  2. Pedak says:

    I’d advise against reading the books.

    I mean, WTF GRRM!? No spoiler warnings for events that haven’t happened on the TV show yet?

  3. Dr0wwarr10r says:

    Hey guys, if you can’t wait, you should give the cast of thrones podcast a listen, a word of warning right now, they are doing book club right now and are into the second half of book 3 so if for some stupid reason you haven’t read that and only consume GoT through the show, first off what’s wrong with you, second you should listen to the older stuff cuz it’s crazy spoilers.

    @Dr0wwarr10r, keeper of the donkey pen, @castofthrones @geeklyinc

  4. Chris says:

    I believe it’s Sigur Ros doing the annual song this year. Interested to see what they come up with. Love their stuff.

  5. Omaxem says:

    AH! Super appropriate use of that song. Wonder if they can get her to sing one of their songs, a la The National.

  6. the red creep says:

    Season 4 looks even better than Season 3.

    Having said that, Meereen and the realities of ruling a “kingdom” and the realities of economics are going to kick Daenerys’ ass.