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Godzilla Superfans! Enter for a Chance to Go to the Premiere

How would you like to visit London for the European premiere of Godzilla? Even better, how would you like to chat with the film’s director, Gareth Edwards, about working on the film?

Well, for all of you video pros and kaiju-crazed fans out there, if you can submit a clip proving what a big fan of Godzilla you are, then it might just be you taking the trip as part of the Godzilla Ultimate Fan contest. Show us your fan film, Godzilla-inspired piece of art, or erotic Godzilla fan-fic (don’t do that) in the best video you can muster!

A couple of quick tips: you can’t use any footage from the new movie or other Godzilla films – let’s be original here, people. Also, be safe: don’t actually create your own radioactive 30-story tall monster, unleash it upon Japan, and then submit the footage. That’s just going to cost you points with the judges (and frankly, you should be doing something better with your time).

So if you want to take a shot at proving you’re the biggest Godzilla superfan, hit up our Ultimate Fan Contest page!

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  1. Brian Ball says:

    Charles, Do you know who I can contact at WB? My video has NO SOUND.

    Please help!! There is no email or phone number on the web-site. -Brian

  2. Susan Alexander says:

    My boy friend is the biggest Godzilla fan evvvvvvvr. And I would love to surprise him with this.

  3. Michael Cooper (Coopzilla) says:

    Hey just wait until you see mine! Also, please pick it! 🙂

  4. Bradley Durham says: