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Here’s Your Angry Birds Code

That special code to unlock a level of Angry Birds?  Here it is: 13-12.

So you didn’t HAVE to watch the Super Bowl. Although if you did, you got to see Christina Aguilera screw up the National Anthem, a fighter jet flyover with the roof closed, several really lame commercials and a few decent ones (liked the Little Darth Vader ad for VW and the NFL Shop ad with all the old and new TV clips), plus what might have been the Worst Halftime Show Ever, the Black Eyed Peas in “Tron: Legacy, the Musical,” with special guests Slash and Usher and the “V” in “LOVE” experiencing a lights-out malfunction.

They played football, too.  I’d write about that here, too, but I’m not sure how many Sports Nerdists are around at the moment. Plus, the game’s not over yet as I write this.

Wait, you want to know what to do with that code? Here’s a video that’ll walk you through it:

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Watch Tommy Wiseau's Joker Audition Tape

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  1. aalap says:

    what is this not loading

  2. cipRO says:

    is not work ;(

  3. heart says:

    that is true?

  4. bejo says:


  5. ABDULLAH says:


  6. phinda jatt says:

    angry birds code correctly

  7. apechx says:

    bantu cari kode angri birds

  8. sahil says:

    what is the code and key of angry birds

  9. Frank Nordhausen says:

    Everytime i put the code that is on the internet on how to register the reedem codes it shows that the registration failed can you help this is for angry bird rio

  10. joaquin says:

    quisiera saber el codigo para el angry birds rio

  11. mjrussel says:

    what is the redeem code of angry birds

  12. chloe says:

    how do you do put in the password who ever is doing the

  13. Bobby says:

    I knew I wasn’t hearing things with the National Anthem. But I did not mind the BEP.