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Here’s Your All-Godzilla Cut of GODZILLA

Someone has taken this summer’s Godzilla and pulled out all of the pesky human parts so that it’s just wall-to-crumbling-wall Godzilla mayhem. The one catch: it’s only 8 minutes long.

YouTube user John Nemesis did the movie gods’ good work here, trimming Gareth Edward’s film so that it featured every appearance of Godzilla found in the film. Since everyone’s favorite kaiju doesn’t make his first, real appearance until about an hour in, that made Mr. Nemesis’ job all that much easier.

Edwards, whose first film, the indie Monsters used a similar technique and essentially functioned as a human character drama revolving around a pair of characters (who happened to be caught in the middle of a giant monster-plagued quarantine zone). For those unhappy with the more character-driven story in Edwards’ Godzilla, this video presents every moment of the famous lizard for your viewing pleasure.


A sequel to Edwards’ MonstersMonsters: Dark Continent is out in the wild from director Tom Green. The new film should have even more monster action than the original: set 10 years after the first film, it see more “infected” zones springing up around the world, and follows an Army unit dealing with the beasts as well as insurgents.

Meanwhile, Edwards will return to the Godzilla franchise with Legendary’s planned sequel, and somewhere in and around all of that, the director will be tackling one of the Star Wars spinoff films.

[Source: John Nemesis via /Film]

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  1. Jon says:

    This is better then the movie, which sadly I found was a big snooze feet. Thanks.