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Here’s The New “Pacific Rim” Trailer

There’s an official, full, no-qualifications-this-is-it trailer out for Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim as of today, and it has Jaegers and Kaiju galore. Some of the footage is similar to what you saw out of Wondercon, and there’s new stuff, too, including a lot more action. Things go pow, splat, and boom all over the place, and the effects look pretty spectacular. You don’t get a lot of the human element, but the robots are what will sell this thing.

You buying? July 12th is when you can. Put your impressions right here in the comments.

HT: Deadline

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  1. Donald says:

    A monster just got hit in the head with a naval ship by a giant robot.

    My inner child just jerked off for the first time today.

  2. DEC12345 says:

    i’m not crazy about the choice that the pilots have to physically act out the motions of the robot. It reminds me of Reel Steel, except these robots take 2 brains to run.

  3. John G. says:

    This just got me pregnant.

  4. Bo Dixen Pedersen says:

    I’m in, but a friend of mine is tired of the extended spectacle scenes dominating big budget movies today.

    Can Guillermo overcome spectacle fatique?

    I can sit through 20-30-40 minute scenes just mayhem, but many cannot and that could hurt the movie.

  5. JetpackBlues says:

    Oh yea, I’m buying.

  6. Jon says:

    Happy Birthday to me!