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Here Come the “Nerdterns”

The thing about having our own YouTube video channel is that we can do stuff that sounds interesting without going through all sorts of network channels. The interns at what is now called NerdMelt Showroom, the performance space in the back at Meltdown Comics here in L.A., proposed a scripted comedy based on their own experiences, and Chris thought it sounded good… and that idea mushroomed into NerdTerns, which debuts here today. The show was created by, and stars, Mo Fathelbab, Jenny Fine, Kyle Clark and Aaron Davidson. Give them a round of applause, and watch episode one right now.

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  1. Um No says:

    Ugh. Nothing worse than trying to figure out the correct viewing order when the poster hasn’t bothered to number the episodes.

  2. MyrrahGrey says:

    I kinda wish that potential intern (small girl) was more lively…you know, quiet and deadly type. Quiet one moment but deeply passionate to the point of creepiness as she thinks to herself. Just saying… :p

  3. farleyk says:

    Artemus, you’re killing me…”scripted”. Didn’t you realize this is a documentary? It’s totally real, just like all those reality shows…

  4. Artemus_who says:

    Finally! I had hoped to see more stuff like this. After a strong debut I feared that the nerdist channel was going more in the “talk show” direction. Been waiting for some scripted content. Great job to everyone involved!

  5. DC Chillin' says:

    Video was cool and all but I got a question in regards to the narrative. Why exactly was the first dude eliminated? He gets his dick grabbed by an attractive lady, OFFERS to put it on display, and gets kicked out of the intern candidacy? Kinda bogus if you ask me. Personal experience has shown me that anytime a babe has grabbed my dick, (publicly or privately) she at sometime in the very near future expected to see it! Shit, at least he ASKED if she wanted to see his.
    Essentially, all I’m sayin’ is dude kinda got played…

  6. Ben says:

    Thanks everyone for the awesome words! So glad it’s being enjoyed!

  7. Jeffy says:

    Pretty good stuff unpaid nerdterns! I hope some of you continue at it and make your career in entertainment a success. I’m sure many people, myself included, dreamed of a job in entertainment but had to give up early due to money, family etc. I really hope you are able to chase that dream for those of us that had to give it up.

  8. Three Toes of Furty says:

    Suggestions for future episodes:

    * Nerdtern accidentally breaks Matt’s favorite guitar…has 1hr to replace…but the only exact left handed replacement is being used in Disneylands Country Bear Jamboree: nerderns must steal it after battling rogue animatronic bears.

    * Nerdterns receive faked memo from Chris demanding that they wear specific outfits to work. They show up and find a table with nametags like “Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, etc” which correspond to their outfits. Lights go out. Lights come on and Jonah is dead on the floor. A digitized computer voice comes over loudspeaker..”let the games have 5 m to solve the murder”. Doors lock.

    * two words: Prank War.

    * Nerderns gassed and awake in field standing on pilons with pile of weapons in middle. Count down timer counting down.

    * Challenge: pick a random episode of the Golden Girls. Construct a new, original 5 minute video using ONLY line’s from the episode.

    Peace .n. We are the Music Makers,
    ,and we are the Dreamers of Dreams.


  9. Three Toes of Fury says:


    [email protected]#$ing jam packed with funny sauce and heapin helpin of rapid-fire-gafawness. Most comedy videos are a 1-view-and-done…for this one i rewatched immediately. Y’all did wonderful and i cannot wait to see more.

    Peace & Lovin me some French Toast


  10. Tyson B. says:

    Great stuff, you guys! I look forward to seeing more!

  11. Vincent K. says:

    Fantastic start to the series! You guys are awesome. Thrilled for everyone who had a hand in this. See you around the shop, friends.