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Here Are The Top Three Nominating Videos For “Nerdist of the Year”

BBC America and Nerdist asked you to help us pick the “Nerdist of the Year” with video nominations, and the top three videos have been selected, and, as promised, here they are, posted both here and at

Meet Belinda McNeill, Tessa Williams, and Sierra Houk, making their cases for three worthy nominees (Simon Pegg, “Freakonomics” University of Chicago Econ professor Steven D. Levitt — what, Dubner doesn’t get any love? — and Sierra herself):

And thanks to all the folks who made submissions — it was, indeed, tough to winnow the list down, and there were several who just missed out.

But who will be the Nerdist of the Year? One of these three, or someone else? Can anyone really top Steve Jobs for the honor? That’s going to be determined on The Nerdist: Year in Review, and that will air, of course, on Christmas Eve, 9/8c, on BBC America. Watch and see.

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  1. marki mark says:

    F yeah Sierra! Look at you and your rad ass connects, you’re mad in with the Nerdist Industries, you should totally push Like Nerding Cats to become a new member. BUT!!!!!! you guys gotta make some more episodes hahah never enough! Sierra FTW.

  2. shaunwilliamcallahan says:

    My vote is for Sierra for sure. Our tweet and node exchanges have been all kinds of adorable nerd pie… err i mean pi. #LeSierraNow

  3. ClockWatcher says:

    Totally agree with Belinda! Simon Pegg is FRIED GOLD!!!

  4. Sapph says:

    Simon Pegg for sure! Belinda is right! The guy is an ode to nerddom!

  5. Comix Book Gurl says:

    I have to agree with Belinda! Simon Pegg all the way!!!!!!!!

  6. Mel says:

    I just realized i spelled Matty’s name wrong……Sorry man.

  7. Mel says:

    Way to go Belinda!!! You are definitely my Simon Pegg go to person and the reason i am hooked on Mr. Mirah, the Hawaiian Hipster and Mr. Hardwick. Nerdist 4 Life!!!

  8. Beth Kaelin says:

    Definitely Sierra. She’s really nice a creative. A plus! 😀

  9. Sierra for sure, she is the nicest goddamn person I have ever met on the internet and almost met in person.

  10. Matt Wilson says:

    Sierra Houk is no doubt, the most productive, clever, creative, and inventive nerd I’ve ever met! She’s wonderful!

  11. Grandma says:

    She is a very nerdy person.

  12. vonrad says:

    I personally accompanied Sierra Houk on a Nerdist roadtrip, and that girl is all day, all night, 100% Nerdist.

  13. Hey! Sierra got on there! Good for you! Told you you were awesome.