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Help Us Pick The Nerdist Of The Year

You’re surely aware, I trust, that The Nerdist: Year in Review, the next television special from your pals at Nerdist, will be airing on Christmas Eve on BBC America. And as part of the festivities, we and BBC America are asking you — yes, you, right there — to tell us, and them, who should be crowned “Nerdist of the Year,” and why. Is it a tech superstar? A sci-fi scribe? Your boss? Your sister? You can vote for anyone… but you gotta convince us why you’re right.

And here’s how we’re gonna do this thing: You’ll go to this link.  You’ll submit a video setting forth your argument for why your pick should be the “Nerd of the Year.” You can use the VideoGenie app on Facebook and your webcam, or you can upload your own video (up to 40 MB and 3 minutes), but either way, the videos will be judged by what the people at BBC America say will be “the combined criteria of most convincing argument and overall geekery.” And the top three videos will appear on and right here on

You gotta move fast, because the deadline is December 18th at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time. And the Nerdist of the Year will be crowned on the show, which, as noted, airs Christmas eve, December 24th, 9/8c on BBC America. Now, go make your case. We’re listening. And watching. And playing Flick Kick Field Goal on our phones. Okay, that’s just me, but, see, you gotta get our attention.

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  1. emergencybowtie says:

    Matt Smith. He’s the smartest person in the universe and wears a bow tie.

  2. margareth says:

    zachary levi he is hot

  3. leticia says:

    zachary levi him and very sexy

  4. lady_Croft says:

    My vote is for Zachary Levi. 🙂 Nerd001 🙂

  5. Julie says:

    Zac Levi FTW!!!! All the way baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lee says:

    i vote the nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick.

  7. Cullen says:

    John Hodgman, That is All.

  8. Jeremy says:

    Todd Howard nuff said. And btw to those who said steve jobs its nerdist of the year he didnt do anything in 2011. That is why i say Todd Howard.

  9. Nathania says:

    Isn’t the whole concept of being a nerd is antithetical to popularity contests?

  10. Jordan C. says:

    Ditto on Felicia Day. She is the only person I know who works as hard as Chris Hardwick at bringing nerdery to the forefront!

  11. courtland says:

    My vote would definitely be Felicia Day. Makes her own rather nerdy web series. Writes comic books based off the previously mentioned series. Shes had a dragon age web series and dlc around her character and most of all, she actually plays videogames other than the hollywood stock answer of “oh i played super mario on my nes when i was 5”

  12. Kaitlin says:

    While I respect the numerous Steve Jobs suggestions, it really chaps my hide that the OTHER Apple Steve never gets any love.

    That being said, I agree with “Three Toes of Fury.” Just because famous nerds are more visible doesn’t mean they are “Nerdist-er-ier” than our everyday companions. I know some people who know some other people that aren’t famous but are mega Nerdists. Those are the people we should honor with this award.

  13. Ian from Baltimore says:

    Sheldon Cooper. In a Bazinga size landslide.

  14. earpopper says:

    I think that offering up nerdist of the year as a sort of posthumous honor to someone that has made being a nerd and using technology as a means to communicate, learn, and play accessible to everyone is fitting. Mr. Jobs is my vote. He helped make technology and nerd pursuits cool.

  15. Three Toes of Fury says:

    hmmm “nerdist of the year”…tricky since the term “nerdist” as oft-described by Chris is NOT pertaining to a specific individual but rather a trait. That being said…here’s my pics:

    – Egg hording Pig. I hate thee. I admire thee.

    – Mr Kindle Fire. dont own one but im all for anyone trying to come up with an “affordable” and usable competition for apple’s cool but overpriced toys.

    – Ernest Cline. Freakin LOVED his book ‘Ready Player One’. Its pure nerd nostalgia .

    – Pixar. Toy Story 3 was WAY better than i could have ever dreamed. They always know how to genuinely tug at our heartstrings and bring the funny.

    – 3D TV: sorry haters but its sweet. limited supporting material but it DOES take something we all do way to much of (watch TV) and bring something new to the table.

    – Stephen Moffat: Yea, easy pick for this site, but im sincere. Im a late comer to the Dr Who party and it was my best friend Chew who after years of telling me to watch, got me hooked after sitting me down and making me watch “Blink”. Catching up quick and LOVING Moffats work with the show.

    Actually…now that i think of it, i have made my choice….one which no one will EVER top….


    Chew was my bestest friend who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly this year. He was responsible for opening my eyes to so many aspects of nerd culture. I realize my pick is personal but i suggest that the “Nerdist of the Year” should go NOT to some celebrity high up nerd but rather to those people who share our loves and passion and interests regularly. Close nerd buddies, chat group debaters, online gaming pals, work buds that we discuss our fav shows with, etc. For me it was Chew. He was one of you, he was one of us, he was the nerdist of the year….he was the nerdist of a lifetime.

  16. Justin says:

    I would also choose Dennis Ritchie over Jobs. What Jobs did would have never been possible without UNIX and C.

  17. Gene says:

    To the people suggesting Steve Jobs: are you factoring the name of the award into your nomination? It’s not a “Lifetime Nerd Achievement” award, it’s “Nerd of the Year”. What did Jobs do in 2011 that puts him above other possible nominees? Giving Steve Jobs the award would be like giving some Hollywood veteran an Oscar for a crappy performance, just because he narrowly lost several times in the past and people wanted to recognize his career.

  18. Joe Hill says:

    Jobs is my obvious choice. Yes he was a business man, but a fantastic nerd businessman who obsessed over wonderful and clean design.

  19. Darryl Mott Jr. says:

    Not Steve Jobs. Good businessman != nerd. My vote is for Dennis Ritchie, the inventor of the C programming language and the co-inventor of UNIX, without either we wouldn’t have an internet. A good portion of the internet is run off of UNIX or a direct descendent of it. And he actually did the work to create both, not just negotiated contracts using other people’s developments. Mr. Ritchie also passed away, but no one noticed because Jobs died three days earlier.

  20. Abby says:

    I’m wondering why the poweres that be didn’t want catagories, such as famous nerd, tv nerd, local nerd, etc.

  21. Terrence says:

    Steve Jobs.

  22. Seems obvious: Steve Jobs.