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Help Rainfall Fantasy Filmmaking Pick Their Next Short

Did you catch Rainfall Fantasy Filmmaking’s Wonder Woman short last year?

The Studio City, CA-based group of filmmakers cast Rileah Vanderbilt as the Amazonian princess, pitting her against live-action and green screen foes in the two-minute short, and before that, they imagined Thelma and Louise, if they happened to be stuck on Pandora. You’ve probably also seen some of their other videos, like their “Till the World Ends” video for Britney Spears and “Whip My Hair” for Willow Smith – they’ve been busy!

Now they’re trying to decide on their next project, and they’re looking for suggestions from the fans. Basically, they’re allowing fans to submit and vote for Rainfall Fantasy Filmmaking’s next short, and it can be anything – your favorite superhero, Sumerian legend, whatever. But we’ll let them explain (via the official submission page):

“After the release of our Wonder Woman short, we received hundreds of opinions on what characters, stories and worlds you want to see come to life next. After careful deliberation, we decided to shake things up and get you guys involved. We’re not deciding what to do next: you are.

So how does this work? Simply fill out the form below, telling us what you think our next adaptation should be. It can be a comic book, videogame, novel, even a Babylonian poem. It just needs to be a fictional story that hasn’t yet been done satisfactorily in live action.

So it’s a fan film, by the fans. The question is, what will you guys choose? RFF says that Metroid, Ms. Marvel, and Justice League Dark are among some of the favorite contenders. Personally, I think we should make a strong case for – and I kid you not – Inframan.

C’mon, people – he’s a hero to the world. Give him his short film due!


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  1. nick says:

    this LOOKED awesome but he fighting was a bit hokey, and the flying wasnt nearly as dramatic, was thinking more of a superman crouch and BOOSH into the sky

  2. Jeff Lee says:

    Meh. Infra Man is okay, but he’s no Kamen Rider V3.

  3. Derrick says:

    Just throwing out a few ideas
    Cloak and Dagger,  Magick and Warlock

    Ms Marvel, Typhoid Mary