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Help Fight Leukemia and Lymphoma with a CONCERT!

Nerds of LA! Or, rich nerds that feel like buying a last minute plane ticket and coming to the Bootleg Theater this Wednesday- there’s a benefit concert to attend! But you’re thinking, “UGH. Charity is so BORING!” Wrong. It’s going to be a helluva party.

Drinking? Dancing? Fun? Yes to all 3. My dear friend Abel, among with many other volunteers, have hand picked a few of LA’s finest to perform their butts off in order to raise some money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

“This show is happening thanks to The Fold (specifically Alexandra Maxwell, I can’t thank her enough) who provided the venue and tirelessly booked these amazing performers.  This is one of the many LLS fundraisers I’m doing on behalf of my 6N6 Challenge project.  I’ve raised nearly $5000 so far, which is pretty good, but I’d like to double that in the next couple months.  Hopefully the benefit show will help close that gap.”

Not only has Abel planned this show, but he has vowed to run 6 marathons in 6 months to raise money for the same cause. That’s 157. 2 miles! And all we have to do is drink and dance around? Sign me up. So, if I haven’t guilted you into at least considering this lovely addition to your hump day, take a gander at these bands!

We’ve got:

Wil Donegan and the Artests @ 7:30
From the demo I’ve heard, there’s a very rugged, Broken Social Scene vibe I’m getting, and digging. For those comedy enthusiasts. You might recognize Charlyne Yi, a member of this band as well as Fatty Dearest.

Fatty Dearest @ 8:15
I guess, at this point I’m just going to tell you what bands they remind me of. In this case, it’s Bishop Allen. I get the feeling that at this point dancing is inevitable because they sound like an energetic bunch.

The Collectionaires @ 9:00
I like these guys. It’s like back when Kings of Leon used to play basements. That’s what they sound like. I will take one hearty dose of them, please, guaranteed to help your heart.

Kiev @ 10:00
I’ve heard one song, and I’m the most anxious to hear more. The lead singer has one of those epic voices that resonates with you even after the song is over. From what I’ve gathered, Kiev is “jazzy rockish”- whereas I mean they can rock out AND have a saxophone.

The Outdoors @ 11:00
Last but not least, The Outdoors will bring the show to a close. A mixture of Keane’s arrangements and some good ol’ Avett Brothers harmony, they should be a satisfying end to what’s sure to be a fun night.

The show is located at:

Bootleg Theater
2220 Beverly Blvd. (Across from Brooklyn Bagel)
Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, March 9th

21 and up

$8 tickets available at ticketfly HERE

No wait, there’s more! If you would like to help the cause AND get some Community SWAG, check this out!

Donate to the LLS, Win COMMUNITY Stuff! (feat. Alison Brie) from 6N6 CHALLENGE on Vimeo.

Image: The Fold


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  1. Abel says:

    We wish you the best in your battle, Jen! And will be thinking about you tomorrow.

  2. Jen Tidwell says:

    I’m currently battling Hodgkins Lymphoma, and so seeing this got me really excited!! I wish I still lived in LA so I could stop by. Thank you so much for posting/doing this!

  3. Abel says:

    In response to FarrisGoldstein. Re: Smoking section.
    Yes! There is an outdoor patio in the back, where plenty will be getting there smoke on. Thanks for your interest!

  4. Sounds awesome, and I would love to attend. Will there be a smoking section?