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HELL NO: The Sensible Horror Film

It’s being hailed as “the most realistic horror movie ever.” Why? Because the characters in it aren’t stupid and don’t put themselves in dumb situations. This hilarious short/faux movie trailer from director Joe Nicolosi shows us every single scenario we’ve ever seen in scary movies, and then it shows the people involved actually doing the things we’ve been yelling at the screens since there have been movies that are scary. It’s a very satisfying 3 and a half minutes.

Scary cabin? Don’t go in there! Mystical puzzle box? Leave it the hell alone! Terrifying monster attacking the city? Drop your camera and run, you idiot! Why isn’t this a feature? Probably because it would be ten minutes long, but still. It’s so satisfying to see people actually behave like people. Hell No was shot in Austin, TX, and features Zero Charisma‘s Sam Eidson as the psycho hillbilly chainsaw guy. What fun! Find more funny movie parodies and things on Pixels Per Second‘s YouTube channel.


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  1. Blunt and strait-forward says:

    Kid urinating over unworldly puzzle. Demon being disgusted and grossed out. Priceless

  2. KTBear says:

    Finally! A cop who thinks, “hey, I should wait for back-up”, and people who destroy deadly things before they kill you! SCORE!

  3. Jeremy says:

    The truest part: the kid choosing the phone over the puzzle. Cracked me up.

  4. guantai says:

    now thata a sensible horror movie

  5. Brian Knapp says:

    Finally, a horror movie maker that got it right! I’ve always hated horror movies because the people aren’t sensible and don’t make rational decisions. This seems much more realistic. I highly recommend this trailer/movie and if you don’t like it, well…it is only about 3.5 minutes long, so it isn’t a big waste of your time!