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HEARTHSTONE: HEROES OF WARCRAFT Coming Soon To Mobile Devices Worldwide

Cross-platform gaming has been one of the many things that hardcore gamers have desired for a long time and Blizzard’s Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft aims to get it just right with its PC and iPad cross-functionality.

During PAX East, Malik and I got a glimpse at the iPad version of Blizzard’s card-slinging title. To be frank, it was our very first rodeo with the game, and despite our glaring “n00bness,” we learned the ins and outs of the game with haste. The game itself is exactly the same as its PC counterpart, with the only difference being the missing in-game chat found on the PC version. This doesn’t hinder game play, however, because the game offers pre-made text taunts that you can fling at your opponents.

The controls for the iPad version are as simple as dragging and dropping cards, but you may want to be extra careful on where you place your curse cards, as you can accidentally drop them on your strongest heroes rendering them useless. Not that anyone has proof that I did this or anything.

While cross-platform play between PC and mobile devices is in itself incredible, Blizzard also revealed their long-awaited Hearthstone single-player adventure mode called Curse of Naxxramas. The update will include 30 new cards, including plague-infested creatures, undead soldiers, creepy crawling insects, and more. You’ll also face new challenges and experience new dungeon levels. The best part, this update will launch simultaneously for the PC, Mac, and mobile versions. The date for this, however, is still unconfirmed.

If you’re already an avid Hearthstone PC player looking to play the game on your iPad, you won’t have to worry about purchasing cards or unlocking rare cards all over again. Just play the game using the same Blizzard ID and all your items will appear on the iPad version.


Overall, the iPad version of Hearthstone was adapted perfectly for the device. Players won’t need any previous experience with any strategy card game or even Warcraft to play Hearthstone as the game teaches you as you play. You also don’t have to spend a pretty penny on premium content as items can be unlocked and shared between both versions with the more you play.

Hearthstone is free-to-play now on PC, Mac, and iPad for those residing in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. It is releasing worldwide soon for iPhones, Android devices, and Windows Phones.

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  1. iambinarymind says:


    The iPad version of Hearthstone does indeed have “In-Game Chat” just as the PC version does. It’s in the exact same place as the PC version (the button in the bottom left hand corner next to the time).