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HARRY POTTER Themed Pasta Restaurant Apparates into New York

HARRY POTTER Themed Pasta Restaurant Apparates into New York

Do you find terrible food puns delicious? Do you boil over with excitement for anything related to the Boy Who Lived? Well then this news is gonna macaroni your whole day, because a Harry Potter themed pasta restaurant has apparated into New York.

We first came across the news of this magical dining establishment at Entertainment Weekly, and while we are already trying to send an owl over to ask if they take reservations, we are a little disappointed by the restaurant’s name: Pasta Wiz. A Harry Potter pasta place and that’s what they came up with? That’s like if it turned out Professor Dumbledore’s first name was Steve. Steve Dumbledore. I mean, if they wanted to go for simple they should have just called it “Harry Pasta,” which while obvious is still funny.

But don’t worry, we have some other suggestions below. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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Located at 60 N 1st Street, between Wythe and Kent Aves, the restaurant’s website says it is a “three-in-one healthy dining experience” with an interior that “resembles a wizard’s enchanted lair,” and the menu “features organic and gluten free pastas, scrumptious salads, nourishing smoothies and a range of healthy desserts (including crepes).”

Which we would like to think they will call Professor Crepe.

And though it’s a Muggle establishment, the time it will take you to be served after ordering from an iPad might make it seem like they have actual wizards in the kitchen, since “the real magic shines through in the prep time” of their fresh, organic, house-made pasta dishes, which they say take “approximately 3 minutes.” You can see their menu here.

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Obviously we love everything about this…except the name.

Pasta Wiz is just so underwhelming. You have both a massive glossary of Harry Potter terms and an entire, popular type of food with hundreds of dishes at your disposal and you don’t even try to come up with the most ridiculous name possible? It’s almost like they wanted their legitimate restaurant to be taken seriously.

Fortunately for you dear reader we here at Nerdist have no such qualms, so we now serve up to you our alternate names for the restaurant, which they can (AND TOTALLY SHOULD) use if they ever open up another location.

We’re really proud of some of these. Others–uh–maybe just a little less.

  • Animangia
  • Wingardium Linguine-osa
  • Fettucine Alfred Weasley
  • Al Dente Yumbledore
  • Penne alla Vodkamort
  • Dobby di Beppo or Buca di Mentor
  • Harry Potter and the Cavatelli of Secrets
  • Olivander Garden
  • Avada Cavatappi
  • Ronatini’s
  • Dark Mark-aroni
  • Half-Blood Pasta Princavera
  • Bellatrix Lasagne
  • Expecto Pappardelle
  • Fantastic Pastas and How to Serve Them

We…we should stop. We’ve been up all night. But we’ve saved the actual best for last, because there is really only one name for this restaurant, probably the best name ever.

Accio e Pepe.

Talk about magical.

Okay, we know that will be tough to top, but we still want you to try cooking up your best idea for a Harry Potter and pasta pun name in our comments section below.

Featured Image: Warner Bros. Studios

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