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Harmonica/Flash Drive! Schwaaaa???

usb harmonica

Sure a flash drive is great for storing billions of bits of information, but you just have no reason to put your mouth on it. UNTIL NOW!!!

FlashHarp is a 4G playable drive that comes pre-loaded with smiles and a 10-minute Quicktime harmonica lesson. Only a terrorist wouldn’t want this.

Available for $59.95 at BackyardBrand on Etsy .

As an added bonus, here is a homespun video from its eerily cheery creator, Jim McLean, who is apparently a fan of rhyming couplets, WTF and neckerchiefs.

via @LuckyAmeliza

Image: Backyard Brand

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  1. ken says:

    Hi Chris:
    About your last line: “Only a terrorist wouldn’t want this.”

    Since I’ve been playin’ harp since ’66 and dearly love my instrument, and as I’ve been involved in sales, marketing, market pioneering, importing, exporting etc, for the last 35 years, I find your: “Only a terrorist wouldn’t want this” quote not just troubling, I find in unsettlingly irrelevent to your product. What the hell does being a terrorist have to do with playing the harmonica? Your comment is just plain absurd.

    Thanks for listening.


  2. It’s a sure-fire way to snag a girl who loves both the blues and storage space for her tax files!

  3. Paula says:

    Only in America can someone create a removable drive with a mouth organ.

  4. inthenow55 says:

    Cool! I luv harmoanicas!

  5. Haha, I love the harmonica. I bought one when I was about 9 thinking it was one of the cooler instruments like a true pre pubesent nerd. I never did learn to play it. Im sure id get more use out the usb pen drive. Im just waiting for a law suit where someone tries to play it whilst its plugged in, and their dribble ends up conducting them to their laptop and frying their face off. haha. The end.

    Jacques “with love”

  6. John Popper is loving this for sure.

    I know that for $60 is seems like a reasonable item for a Christmas present. I have an uncle that plays the harmonica like a demon, so I might consider giving this to him as a gift. I’m pretty sure he’s not a terrorist either, so he will probably love it.


  7. Doug B says:

    I’m waiting for the flash drive condom combo – then I can die

  8. Dillusio says:

    can i have my 60 sec. back