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Hardwick, Izzard, Friedlander, Carr, Minchin On “The Green Room With Paul Provenza” Thursday

Got Showtime? If you do, you will want to be watching Thursday night, September 1st, at 11 pm Eastern (or, on the West feed, Pacific, too). That’s when the latest episode of The Green Room with Paul Provenza will air, and here’s your guest list:

  • Chris Hardwick.

Okay, you’re already sold, but there’s more:

  • Eddie Izzard.
  • Judah Friedlander.
  • Jimmy Carr.
  • Tim Minchin.

If you like the idea of a bunch of the best comedians around sitting around riffing uncensored, AND WHY WOULD YOU NOT?, you’re going to want to see this.  So see it.

HT:, @larryholdaway, Mr. Hardwick

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  1. Diane says:

    Tim Minchin needs to be more popular in the US. He is brilliant. I cannot say enough great things about him.

    His music makes me feel good. It would be very cool to get him on Nerdist.

  2. mechas8n says:

    this was great. Couldnt watch it officially, but the opportunity arose. More please. Chris, get your arse over to the UK and get on QI, Would I Lie to you , Have I Got News For You or The News Quiz on the radio ANY of thos celebrity panel shows…Excpet for Celebrity juice. thats shite

  3. Ryan says:


  4. Jen K says:

    Who was that headpalming Big C at the end? Jimmy Carr?

    And it’s definitely not true that you can’t dissect comedy. Talking shop about whatever you love is one of the great human pleasures. Up there/combined with fish tales…

  5. hilarious show man. i hadn’t watched it before but I will check out anything you are in and it is now in my dvr recording que! You Rock dude!

  6. Nathaniel Wedgington Hornswagle III says:

    Seriously, this was way too short.

  7. PinkMnM says:

    Please have Eddie in the podcast! PLEASE!! PLEEEEASE!!! D’:

  8. Manders says:

    My head may explode.

  9. Stacy says:

    I happened to catch this last season, and I’m sooooo glad they brought it back! Can’t wait!

  10. ThreepMe says:

    So I will assume that Eddie Izzard will be on the Podcast soon?


  11. Patrick Rose says:

    Minchin fans, there’s probably a way you can get hold of BBC’s Comedy Prom. Tim Minchin absolutely kills in it.

  12. Dean says:

    A podcast with any of the remaining three here would be great. /notsosubtlehint

  13. O to the M to the G….

    Master Hardwick, sir, are there going to be any clips of this on this site? You and Eddie Izzard in the same clip will make my head explode in good ways.

  14. Geoff says:

    Unfortunately, Showtime has no Canadian counterpart at the moment (not that I get anyways).

  15. Junior says:

    Can Nerdist pleeeease make Tim Minchin break in the US? Or, at least, get him on the podcast?

  16. Jarrod says:

    The only problem with that is the show doesn’t run for 3 hours

  17. Johnny says:

    Quick! Nobody feed it!

    I will definitely be watching this. I didn’t even know this show existed… what is it?

  18. Ryan says:

    Only Bo Burnham could make this better. (I’ve been on a Burnham hook lately… he did the Green Room once with Comedy veterans such as Ramano, Maron, and Gary Shandling… it was awesome.)

  19. Phoenix Jones says:

    Fuck Chris Hardwick. That guy’s a little pussy bitch.