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Hardwick. Boston. Tickets. Now!

We interrupt this endless stream of nonsense for a Message From Your Leader, His Excellency Chris Hardwick (okay, it was a Twitter post, but it’s Highly Important):

BOSTON PRESALE! ME @The_Wilbur on 4/9. Use code “NERDIST” to get good seats now! #chestbump

That’s right, he’s coming to Boston April 9th and tickets are on presale RIGHT NOW.  Again, go here and use the code “NERDIST.”  The presale ends tomorrow (Thursday) at 11:59pm.

What are you waiting for?  GO!

Image: Tim Pierce

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  1. Chris, as a Mahalo! (ask Jonah what that means) for the many hours of laughs you’ve shoveled in my ears while I work around the house and yard, I’ve just purchased 4 tickets to your Wilbur show!

    Problem is, I live in Hawaii (first world problems….) and won’t be in Boston next month. Soooooo, I’d like to give the tickets to 4 of your most deserving podcast listeners.

    You, Jonah, and Matt decide on the “contest” or what they need to do in order to win the tickets. Either 1 winner of 4 tickets, or 2 winners of 2 tickets. Makes no diff to me.

    Email me at the address I provided for this comment and let’s fill some more seats at the Wilbur!!

  2. I can help you with those questions:

    1. Dunno. Depends on the configuration.
    2. Chris is headlining. He will be the undisputed star of the evening.
    3. We don’t know about openers yet.

    Actually, that wasn’t much help. But buy tickets anyway.

  3. Double R says:

    What’s the audience capacity? Are you finally headlining sans McHale? Will Phirman make an appearance? #Stopgushinglikeaschoolgirl

  4. Jason says:

    Damn won’t be in Boston till last week of April and this is the closest I think you have ever been to my place (8hr drive)

  5. ben says:

    Chicopee for me! Don Glover played their last weekend. (No one good ever plays there) and killed. Looking foward to seeing what you’ve got to say.

  6. Rail says:

    Just got my tickets! Been waiting a long time for this! Can’t wait for these jokes esp in this damn weather

  7. Chris Hardwick says:

    Soon on NY! Working out the details.

  8. How bout, Hardwick.New York City. NOW!? 🙂

  9. Scott Swartz says:

    I will be there chris I’ve been waiting a long time for you to tell some jokes in boston

  10. Steve says:

    Got the email 10 minutes ago, and have the tickets on the way! WooWoot!